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Pate with homemade chicken liver

Pate with homemade chicken liver

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I think it's been many years, about 15, since I stopped buying liver pate. I prepare it alone in households. This time I had chicken liver from the chickens I received from my mother-in-law. Real chickens raised with real food. For the special taste I used my favorite spice: cajun spice mix. The simplest "souvenir" to buy when you are on vacation, is a special spice, a tea, a coffee. When I get home, I try recipes with new flavors and enjoy coffee or tea. This time, my culinary imagination was stimulated by the mix of spices and Cajun herbs. I had heard of it, but never used or tasted it. Cajun is a mix of herbs and spices used in Creole cuisine in the southern United States. Cajun is also the name of the cooking style in that area. This time I tried the delicious spice when preparing the chicken liver pate. I served the pate to my family and friends at the Easter table.
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