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Shocked Grandma's recipe differently

Shocked Grandma's recipe differently

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Shocked grandmother's recipe

Melt the sugar in a little warm water and pour into a 5 liter jar.

Make up to three quarters of the jar with cold water.

Squeeze half a lemon and pour the juice into the jar.

Squeeze an orange and put the juice in the jar.

Cut the other orange into cubes and peel in a jar.

Put the unwashed shock flowers so that the pollen is not lost.

Pour the vinegar and fill with water up to 5 liters.

Mix well and cover with a saucer or foil.

Keep in a warm place for 48 hours, stirring occasionally in the jar.

After two days, strain it, put it in bottles and put it in the cold.

It is natural and very good, with a slight orange taste!

Good appetite!

Say it with colors !: nettle shampoo and vinegar conditioner

Creating the recipe for this shampoo we relied on the rich tradition of natural remedies. Rinse solution recipe: 2 tbsp. Shampoo for oily hair with white nettle extract and eucalyptus! Book or send the prescription to the pharmacy. If you have oily hair, the Genera shampoo with white nettle and eucalyptus is exactly what you need, because it has a purifying effect. Q4U Burdock and Nettle Shampoo & # 8211 Pharmaceutical Tis. Rating: 3.6 & # 8211 36 reviews Natural Solid Shampoo with Nettle and Rosemary & # 8211 Savonia, 90 gr. Prospect Natural solid shampoo with Nettle and Rosemary & # 8211 Savonia 100% Natural. CARE PAR & rsaquo Shampoo orders. Natural liquid shampoo with nettle extract (NETTLE SHAMPOO FOR OILY HAIR) acts delicately and naturally to regulate sebum secretion.

Vinegar solution recipe: add half a cup of apple cider vinegar to a liter of warm water. Contraindications: Not recommended during pregnancy and lactation, nor for children. Having a base that cleanses and rebalances, enriched with nettle extract, this shampoo. Original name: KLORANE SAMPON URZICA X 400 ML. Creating the recipe for this shampoo we relied on the rich tradition of natural remedies and our entire experience, so we are sure of results.

Hair care Solid Shampoo with Nettle and Rosemary 90g Savonia renders.

The chicken will be prepared before cooking, namely: it will be washed, cleaned of any tulle and then portioned into suitable pieces (as for a portion in an individual plate).

In a pot (with a capacity of 1.5 l) with cold water and salt, put the chicken pieces to boil.

After gathering the foam formed on the edge of the pot, add the whole onion and the carrot cut into large pieces and left to boil for about 30 minutes.

In a Teflon pan with high walls, prepare the sour cream sauce, namely: sour cream dissolved in a bowl with a cup of soup, 1/2 teaspoon grated horseradish, mustard and lemon juice will be boiled over low heat. for about 10-15 minutes (for a boil or two, how long it will bind .. to become a slightly viscous sauce).

Once the chicken is cooked, remove it from the pot (vegetables placed separately in a bowl and used for other purposes, not discarded) and put in the prepared sour cream sauce, mixing with a spatula (to incorporate well in smatana).

Towards the end, add sliced ​​garlic (optional) for flavor.

Candy in a calendar box

Chocolate fruit bouquet

Chocolate Basket

Box of 4 chocolate hearts

The food will be seasoned with salt, pepper to taste and left to boil for another two (5-10 minutes).

The chicken with sour cream will be served hot with hot polenta, in large white plates decorated for an appetizing appearance with a little paprika on top and freshly chopped parsley.

Tricks and ideas

For people who want a thicker sour cream sauce (or used the old recipe of granny chicken with sour cream), I can use the version with hardened onions, and instead of flour rant you can grate a raw potato on a small grater (put boil it with the onion).

Vanilla pudding cream recipe & # 33 & # 33

I ate at a friend's about 2 years ago or better, a good cream.
I only remember that he mixed egg yolks with milk and his grandmother's vanilla, which he boiled on the fire and mixed with the beaten egg whites.
But I don't remember exactly how it was and I don't even know the quantities.

It's the best cream I've made. I don't like this with cream flour or butter.

Finally I found sheets for creams here, after 2 years of searching and my first thought was about creams.

Please, if you know this recipe, tell me too.

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# 2 ingerasul_Al

I ate at a friend's about 2 years ago or better, a good cream.
I only remember that he mixed egg yolks with milk and his grandmother's vanilla, which he boiled on the fire and mixed with the beaten egg whites.
But I don't remember exactly how it was and I don't even know the quantities.
It's the best cream I've ever eaten. I don't like this with cream flour or butter.

Finally I found sheets for creams here, after 2 years of searching and my first thought was about creams.

Please, if you know this recipe, tell me too.

Maybe you find what you are looking for.

# 3 Blonde

# 4 Bogdana

I also give my opinion, if it had pudding, it had starch, that's why it was sticky

3-4 eggs, separate, mix the yolks with vanilla pudding, sugar if necessary, or put it to beat the egg whites, and some milk, from the total amount for the pudding, the rest of the milk to boil, then boil the mixture in it when boiling and at the end, after the chicken has cooled and the beaten egg whites, the idea is to mix the pudding from time to time when you put it to cool because if the compact mass comes out I don't think the egg whites are incorporated properly, then a little refrigerator and ready, no death attempt

I am convinced that you have made recipes without exact quantities

# 5 Blonde

Bogdana, here you do it like you said. It's in the fridge
It looks edible and tastes good. Let's see now if you can strengthen it

I put a liter of milk, 2 puddings, sugar according to eyes and taste, 3 oo, vanilla, and that's it

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# 6 khalima

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To be a Transylvanian means to take one thing to the end!

# 7 Blonde

Thank you very much and I am waiting for the recipe.

I made it according to the recipe above. It looks like, but it doesn't rise.
She ate anyway, because she was good.

# 8 Carmen Spantu

Blonde, it's hard to make the same cake. you know what it's like: same recipe, different hand, different taste.
But we try.

Cream of creams in my version, according to the desire of the blonde

- 2 l of sweet milk
-6 sachets of vanilla pudding [dr. Oetker]
-4 eggs [separate: yolk - egg white]
-800 g sugar
-50 g vanilla sugar
-optional, orange peel [from 1 orange that enhances the taste of vanilla
-a pinch of salt

Put the yolks, salt, 700 g of sugar, puddings, orange peel [if you want] and the cold milk, gradually, mixing well in a non-stick bowl [I use a pot of tuci]. Then mix the composition and mix often, especially when the pot starts to heat up. With vanilla cream, no matter how you do it, the secret is that when it starts to thicken, it mixes very well and energetically in it, with a pear, so as not to catch to make pimples, so that it won't be repaired forever & # 33 When it has thickened very well [don't be scared if it looks thick & # 33] cooled in the pantry, on the balcony. ]
When it is still warm, add the beaten egg whites with 100 g of sugar and slowly homogenize the composition. Put it immediately between the sheets, press lightly with your palms and let it cool.
I think you are surprised by the large amount of pudding, but it is necessary so that when you add the egg whites the cream does not soften too much and you can no longer cut the cream like the world when it is cold.
SUCCESS & # 33

# 9 vasil_39544

Carmen from 2 liters of milk comes out a monster of creams. That is, take a lot of cream for 2 sheets

Blonde if you still need the cream with pudding day and I'll write it to you. I'm sorry I didn't discover the topic faster. I only make it in the pudding version.

peseu: you put too little oo for your cream, right? And it didn't come out fluffy.

Socata, my "madlena"

When I wrote this text, that is, two weeks ago, the shock was over. Yesterday I was surprised to see shock in Cora, at half a kilogram boxes, I think, which cost about seven lei. So take shock from Cora and suggestion from here :).

I was not a child raised in the country, although now I am sorry that I did not live in a village hidden from the world. I didn't have any grandparents in the country, but I will never regret my grandparents, because they were the best in the world. Especially the grandmother from whom I learned the taste of food with all my heart.

I didn't grow up in the country, but I was lucky enough to live in a fragrant house from another time. I will never forget the hot summers during the day, but the cool and fragrant of the queen of the night in the late evenings. I will not be able to forget the summer kitchen where baked eggplants and peppers were baked on hot plates on the stove, where dozens of bottles of tomato juice were made and where the best pancakes were waiting for us after lunch. And on hot summer days, Grandma didn't stop "fighting" with the jars of shock, which ended up being drunk by a giant from the stories she told us every night.

The shock was the drink of my childhood, although, I admit, I never missed an opportunity to convince my father to let me draw the wine from the barrel with the hose. But the shock, sour, refreshing, sour, slightly alcoholic was my "madlena". And when Steaua won the European Champions Cup in 1986, I was shocked to celebrate.

If you end up in a village forgotten by the world, as happened to me last weekend, I think you can still pick the last shock flowers. It's sad that it doesn't bloom all year round, but even from dried flowers comes a wonderful shock, trust me. And this year we dismantled a myth related to this drink, something more respected than the Constitution (how respected this will be lately), namely the fact that it MUST be imperative to do it in a glass jar. Not! I made it in a stainless steel pot, the largest pot in the house, and I didn't feel any difference.

For the shock you need 12-14 large shock flowers, 8 liters of plain water, a kilogram of sugar, the juice of 3-4 lemons, a little fresh yeast (a berry about the size of a cherry) and a lot of patience. Mix all the ingredients and leave to soak in a covered bowl for 24 hours, during which time stir a few more times in it.

After 24 hours, strain it, pour it into plastic bottles and leave it in the fridge for another day, long enough for the yeast to shake a little, to acidify and slightly alcoholize the drink. Nothing is better on a hot day, as announced in the coming months. And I have a lot of dry shock.

5 Rules For A Successful Diet

Everything accelerates, everything happens at an astonishing speed. And we are trapped in this roll without being able to do anything. Without being able to do anything because we don't even realize it. We consider it normal. Well, that's not our normal pace. In addition, with the technologicalization of the environment in which we live, we have come to make very little movement. Our muscles and body were not designed for a sedentary world. It is unadapted to the age of technology. He likes exercise, good and healthy food and the lifestyle that our grandparents or parents had, that is, a healthy and rhythmic one.

That being said, health problems often occur. Especially obesity - a problem, as if, forever alive.

And we wondered. How to fight obesity? How to remove it? It's possible? and if so, then what methods should we use?

Well, one of the classic and very common answers is this: diet! Good. Suppose you are on a diet. You are looking for a suitable diet on the Internet. Or call a friend who has been through this before. Or maybe go to a knowledgeable person, a doctor, for example. You get a diet and often nothing else. That is, you are told what and how to eat or not to eat, but after you are done with it, you stay in the poplar and the poplar in the air.

Well, today I will present you 5 tips for a successful diet and for successful storage.

weight gained through effort and effort.

It probably sounds common, but it is vital that before you decide which diet suits you to define your goal as clearly as possible. In other words, you can use the traditional BMI (body mass index) to find the ideal weight. Or, maybe you already have a picture of how much you want to lose weight. Perfect! Because that will be your goal and that's how you can count progress. However, it sets realistic goals. It would be absurd to want to lose 50 kilograms in 3 weeks. Really absurd!

Be very careful on this side. Choose a diet that suits you. Ideally, you should have a personalized one, but if circumstances do not allow you, then use something professional, something that has proven to work. And, first of all, determine if you are a woman or a man. Why? Because women (or men) have a very different anatomical construction than men (or women). No, it's not a racist idea, it's just the reality. Be smart.

Okay, I know it might sound childish, but the idea is this: when you start losing weight, tell as many people as possible. Tell them how much you will lose weight (see? I said how much you will lose weight, not how much you want to lose weight - it's a difference of attitude). Why? Because that way you will be motivated to continue. You're not going to make fun of yourself for saying you can't, are you? :)

And, in addition, this way you make sure that those in your family help you and are a real support - exactly what you need. Moreover, this way you make sure that they do not sabotage you unconsciously (if they do not know your plans, they have no way of knowing that they will tempt you when I offer you, for example, a delicious ice cream).

Very simple. Never, under any circumstances, in any case do not compare yourself with someone else. This is a mistake that many people who want to lose weight make. but I end up in ruin. Every body is different. I told you above the huge difference between men and women. In addition, there are 3 major categories of people: those who gain weight easily, the average and those who have an ultra-fast internal burning (ie do not gain weight even if they want to). I don't give you scientific names because I don't want to confuse you. but you must keep this rule in mind. You have a goal that you want to achieve. Then fight ONLY for that goal, don't compete with others because you don't win anything.

Yes, I'm talking about counting progress. Think that you have a goal set at the beginning and that everything is put on paper (if you have not already done so, I advise you not to waste time). All you have to do is do whatever it takes to reach your goal. Remember this!

Count the progress and remember that you should have at least a weight loss of about 500 grams to say that the diet works. If you do not cross this threshold, ask yourself a question mark. See where you're wrong. Aaa, don't exaggerate. Only a few times a week is ok to check. Not 10x a day. in addition, try to check your progress every time at the same time.

Okay, that was it. Simple, right? That's what we hope: to offer you a simple and easy-to-follow model to get the sexy body you want. Simple but effective. Remember that each of the above rules was created to follow. They're not heavy, so keep up the good work.

The best shock recipe without yeast. Learn to prepare it!

The recipe for shock without yeast that we will present to you below has the necessary composition for the preparation of 5 liters of juice.

Ingredients soaked without yeast

4-5 lemons
10 shock flowers
350 g sugar
a handful of raisins
the water

Shock-free preparation without yeast

Put the water together with the sugar on the fire and leave it until the latter melts. Chew and set aside until the syrup cools.
In the next step we add the well-washed shock flowers, the juice of 3 lemons and the raisins. The other 2 remaining lemons are cut into thin slices and put in a jar.

When all the ingredients are put together, cover the jar with a gauze. We don't forget to mix in it from time to time.

Shockless yeast will only be good to drink in about 2 days. For those of us who want it more acidic, I can leave it for 3 days. The jar is kept in the sun.

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