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Snails (spirals) with butter cream

Snails (spirals) with butter cream

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Mix the yeast with 1 lgt of sugar and 1 lg of flour in about 150 ml of warm milk. It is allowed to grow.

Sift the flour into a bowl and mix with the salt. Pour the mayonnaise, add the oil and the yolks. Depending on how much will be needed, add warm milk little by little, mix until the ingredients are incorporated then pour the composition on the work table. Knead a homogeneous, soft and non-sticky dough.

Meanwhile, the butter mixes well with the powdered sugar and vanilla sugar.

Spread the dough in a sheet with a thickness of about 3-4 mm, grease the entire surface with butter mixed with sugar, then roll tightly along the length. With a well-sharpened knife, cut the slices with a width of about 4-5 cm. Place in a tray lined with baking paper and place in the preheated oven at 180 degrees for about 30 minutes. Before 10 minutes, remove from the oven and grease with beaten egg. Leave until nicely browned.

Serve with great appetite, hot or cold!

Spiral ingredients with vanilla cream and cherries

  • 500 grams of flour
  • 2 medium-sized eggs, as far as possible from hens from cage-free systems (for ethical, not other reasons)
  • 7 grams of dry yeast or 25 grams of fresh yeast
  • 80 grams of sugar
  • 10 grams of salt (1 teaspoon)
  • 1 sachet of vanilla sugar
  • grated peel of 1 lemon (or orange)
  • 40 ml. of oil
  • 250 ml. of lukewarm milk
  • for greased: 130 grams of soft butter with 82% fat (that's how much I used, 100 goes, but also 150 grams)
  • In addition, oil for greasing the worktop
  • vanilla cream made of 250 ml. milk, 30 grams of flour, 3 egg yolks, 60 grams of sugar and 1 vanilla bean or 2 tablespoons vanilla extract (or 2 sachets of vanilla sugar)
  • 150 grams of pitted cherries (can be replaced with various fresh or dried fruits)

for finishing:

Spiral preparation with vanilla cream and cherries


1. To make the dough for these spirals with vanilla cream and cherries, first mix the whole eggs with the sugar, vanilla, finely grated lemon peel (only the yellow part) and the oil. Dissolve the yeast in lukewarm milk and then mix with the eggs with the oil and flavors. Put the flour in a bowl suitable for kneading and mix well with salt. Make room in the middle and gradually add the liquids, enclosing them with a wooden spoon. Knead the dough until it becomes elastic, smooth and non-sticky (about 15 minutes of kneading, 10 if we knead on the robot). Shape the dough into a ball and place it in a clean bowl, greased with oil. Cover the bowl with foil and let the dough rise until it doubles in volume.

2. It is quite difficult to give an exact time for the dough to rise. It depends on the temperature in everyone's house. In my case, it took 1:40 hours for the dough to rise enough. The most correct benchmark is to orient yourself by the volume, when it has doubled (at least) we can move on to the next step. Note: the dough can be kneaded in the evening, using only cold ingredients (including milk) and can be fermented overnight, at least 8 hours in the refrigerator.

The first folding of the dough

3. The charm of these spirals with vanilla cream and cherries is not only in the tasty filling, but also in the taste of butter and the texture of the dough that unfolds into sheets like a real croissant. The process by which we obtained this dough is, however, much simpler than the one by which classic croissants are made. First, we make sure that we have greased the worktop well with oil, so that the dough does not stick. We turn the dough raised in the bowl and spread it with the rolling pin (also greased with oil) in a rectangular shape. I measured mine, it was 36 * 46 cm. I give you the dimensions as a guide, not that it's important to be the same.

4. Mentally divide the dough into three, on the longest side of the rectangle formed. On two thirds, distribute the soft butter evenly and spread it with a knife of butter.

5. Bring to the middle the third greased with butter, covering the middle third.

6. Fold the greased third with butter still visible above the middle one. We thus obtain a long rectangle with three layers of dough.

7. Grab one of the narrow ends of the rectangle obtained in point 6 and fold it in three, lengthwise.

8. We will get a "package" of dough, as you can see in the image below. Cover the dough for our vanilla spirals with cling film and leave it on the work surface for 30 minutes.

Vanilla cream

9. To prepare the vanilla cream used in these vanilla and cherry spirals, follow the step-by-step procedure described in vanilla cream video recipe published earlier. I mention that the ingredients are reduced compared to the video recipe, because we do not need a whole portion of cream for these spirals. What remains unchanged, however, is the method of preparation, which you find with a click here. Once cooked, transfer the vanilla cream to a clean bowl and let it cool, while the spiral dough with folded vanilla rests.

10. To make sure that our cream will not form an unpleasant puffiness on the surface, we cover it with food foil, applied in direct contact with the cream. We can speed up the cooling of the cream by putting it in a bowl of cold water (be careful, the water must not reach the cream!). It is important to be completely cold when we fill our spirals.

The second folding of the dough

11. After thirty minutes of rest on the work surface, grease the surface of the worktop with oil. Press with the rolling pin the dough package obtained at point 8, parallel, also at 5-6 cm, in order to flatten it. We then stretch it into a rectangular shape, as similar as possible to what we obtained in point 3.

12. Fold the dough into three again, on the longer side, as we did in points 5-6. The difference is that now we no longer grease with butter, because it is already inside our spiral dough. The long and narrow rectangle obtained is folded in three, lengthwise, as in point 7.

13. We get a "package" that we wrap well and leave it for 30 minutes on the work surface, then another 30 minutes in the refrigerator. It is important to cool the dough before spreading it for the last time. Thus, the butter and the dough will harden and we will work much easier.

Spirals with vanilla and cherries - filling and shaping

14. Before spreading the dough for the last time, we prepare two trays, lining them with baking paper. Grease the worktop well with oil. Unwrap the dough from the foil and press it well with your palms to deflate. The yeast works so the dough will be swollen like a bomb. Press with the rolling pin from place to place, as we did in point 11, then spread the dough in spirals in a large rectangle, with a sheet thickness of 8 mm-1 cm. We try to give it a clear rectangular shape and be of uniform thickness, this is very important to get even and good looking spirals. If it seems to us that the very fine sheets of dough break from place to place, it is not important, this is not a puff pastry, but a leavened leavened dough, it will be fluffy and tasty anyway.

15. Distribute the vanilla cream evenly over the entire surface of the dough. Attention, the cream must be completely cold!

16. Add the pitted cherries, whole or halved, as they are large. Cherries can be replaced with all kinds of fresh or dehydrated fruits, for example raisins, apricots or prunes cut into pieces, etc.

17. Fold the dough in three lengthwise. It's exactly the same procedure from point 6, only it will be more meticulous now, the spiral dough being already filled. My advice is to fold in smaller portions. Finally, we get a rectangle as seen in the image below.

18. Slightly flatten the rectangle of dough with your palms, to obtain a uniform thickness of about 2-3 fingers. With a long knife, greased with oil, cut a strip of stuffed dough, about 4 cm wide. From this we will take turns modeling one of our spirals with vanilla cream and cherries. I got 18 pieces.

19. Grasp the ends of the cut strip and twist it twice, then immediately put it in the tray. We leave a distance between them, because they will increase a lot when baked. We grease them, with a soft brush, with beaten egg and optionally we can sprinkle them with almond flakes.


20. I got two spiral trays and, after I finished modeling them, I turned on the oven, fixing it at 180 ° C, statically. It didn't seem right for me to test my oven with the two trays at the same time, it's not that naughty. With a fragile dough, some saltines or cake sheets go with two trays at once, but with these spirals of leavened dough I did not venture. So, I wrapped both trays with spirals, taking into account that I modeled the first ones. The first filled tray remained in the kitchen for 25 minutes. I put the second tray in the fridge to slow down the fermentation a bit.

After 25 minutes, I put the first tray in the preheated oven at 180 ° C, static, at a medium height. Immediately, I took the second tray out of the fridge and left it in the kitchen while the first one was baked. Baking time for a vanilla and sour cherry spiral tray is 30 minutes. Here is a picture from the oven halfway through the baking time.

21. After 30 minutes I took out the first tray and baked the second one. My spirals with vanilla cream and cherries looked rosy and appetizing and smelled divine in the kitchen. We let them cool for about 15 minutes on a cake grill, and rushed at them mercilessly. May we be forgiven and good and useful to you!

Great appetite! More recipes you might like find by clicking on the picture below.

Fine body cream with panthenol and cocoa butter

Method of preparation:
Add the Phase A ingredients to a heat-resistant container. Phase B ingredients are added to another heat-resistant container.

Both phases are placed on a water bath and heated to 70 ° C, meanwhile stirring each.
Removed from the water bath, combine as follows: phase B is poured slowly, in a motion over phase A, meanwhile the mixer is already working in phase A. Mix for 3 minutes.
To accelerate the cooling, place the composition over a bowl with cold water and continue mixing for another 3 minutes. If the mixer can no longer cope due to the thickening of the composition, it will switch to energetic manual homogenization.

The rest of the ingredients - phase C - are incorporated in the composition cooled to the temperature of the hand, with thorough mixing after each one.
The cream thus prepared is transferred to the dedicated container. The consistency of the cream will be finalized the next day.

A light and fine cream, with a delicious scent of coconut, cocoa and almonds reminiscent of Raffaello flavor. It is not greasy, does not leave an oily or sticky film on the skin. Leaves skin hydrated, velvety, well-groomed and pleasantly fragrant.

Fresh croissants with butter and cream - stuffed with walnuts and

Unfortunately, there is not much fresh cream for whipped cream in the whole country. Sold and delivered by: Mega Image. Culinary recipe Cream cream cake from the Cakes category. Dessert cake with nuts, butter cream and cherries.

Fine cream cream with caramel, salted butter, and popcorn Recipe: Caramel: Put the sugar in the pan. Cook over medium heat and let the sugar caramelize without. They enter the body with butter cream, sour cream, cheese, fruits and vegetables, cereals, cheese, meat, fish, bread and eggs.

However, to satisfy. CREAM 40%, BUTTER 30%, water, MILK powder, ZER powder, modified corn starch, stabilizers (gelatin, guar gum, country gum), iodized salt. Creamy spinach soup with homemade Parmesan croutons. Fresh croissants with butter and cream - filled with walnuts and jam - recipe step by step. Fresh butter and creamy cream combine in a light, slightly sweet cream, which can be the best friend of any sandwich. If you insist too much it can turn into butter. That is, cut and separate the liquid from the fat.

I will also write the butter recipe separately. Meringue cake with walnut and vanilla cream. Blog Recipes Culinary appetite.

Spiral cookies

Melt the chocolate over low heat with a tablespoon of milk (or microwave) and leave to cool.

The soft butter at room temperature mixes with the sugar until it becomes like a cream. Add the egg and mix well. Then add the cooled chocolate, the essence and at the end the flour mixed with baking powder and cocoa. Let cool for 1 hour.

Proceed exactly with the white chocolate dough, which is also left to cool for 1 hour.

On the lightly floured table, spread the 2 parts of the dough, in a rectangular sheet, about 1 cm thick. Overlap the 2 sheets, then roll tightly on the large side.

We cut thick slices of about 1-1.5 cm with a very sharp knife or with a piece of thread. Place the slices in a tray lined with baking paper and bake over medium heat until they begin to brown on the edges.

Fanta cake, a tasty and quick treat for your loved ones

This cake tastes great, the combination of slit fruit juice, fresh cheese and sweet chocolate top is really delicious! I am sure that this cake became popular in our country in the 90s, after the revolution, since you could not find Fanta juice everywhere when we were led by the communists. You can make this recipe either as a cake or as a cake.

As ingredients we will use:
For the chocolate top, 6 eggs, 130 g sugar, 50 ml (3 tablespoons) oil, 80 g flour (3/4 cup), 30 g (4 tablespoons) cocoa, 10 g (3 teaspoons) baking powder , vanilla essence, a pinch of salt.
For cream cheese, 200 g butter, 150 g sugar, 400 g cottage cheese, vanilla essence.
For jelly, 900 ml of Fanta juice or natural orange juice, 100 g sugar, 2 mixtures of vanilla pudding.

Method of preparation
For the countertop. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees. Using a mixer, beat the whole eggs with the salt and vanilla essence until they triple in volume. Turn off the mixer and add the oil, slowly incorporating it into the egg mixture. Mix together cocoa, flour and baking powder and gradually incorporate into the egg mixture. Pour the dough into a medium, rectangular cake pan, covered with baking paper and lined with oil. Bake at 180 ° for 30-35 minutes, then let it cool in the pan.

For cream cheese. Mix the soft butter with the sugar and vanilla essence until creamy.
Add the cheese and mix with the mixer on low speed until the cheese is completely incorporated into the butter mixture and a thick cream is formed.

Chocolate cream for the cake

If you made ganache to get a soft cream to decorate with. Yesterday, I made a ganache cream (meggle liquid cream and milka milk chocolate) today. Your suggestions were also good, but I don't really have envelope creams. Chocolate ganache cream a cream that should not be missing from. Anyta Cooking How to straighten a cut butter cream - Simple Feminine simplufeminin. The cream began to bind easily, but as the number of spoons. I read about the steam bath method and how I didn't have much time at it. How to fix the eclair dough too soft. See also: Eclairs with vanilla cream. Eclaire recipe without baking with cream, chocolate and vanilla.

If you get a cream that is too liquid that you can't use in the pose. For dark chocolate ganache cream, use chocolate and whipped cream. If it comes out too soft, next time add a little butter at the end.

Moreover, if the butter becomes too soft, it upsets the chemistry of the process, and in Virginia, during. Hepburn, to which is added a little cinnamon and spirals of cream cheese with cinnamon on top.

Spirals with vanilla and chocolate

The first time I ate something like this, I was in Paris, some sheets filled with vanilla cream and chocolate, which actually melted in my mouth. But the last trip to Portugal reminded me of them, finding them a ton in one of the attractions of Lisbon. I didn't last long and came home, I kept thinking about how I could reinvent them and it wasn't hard at all, I made them with leavened dough, vanilla cream and chocolate flakes. The result was beyond my expectations, but I did not stop here, with one half of the dough I made these bows, if I may say so and with the other half I made snails, which I put in a tray round and we baked them together.


  • 1 kg of white flour + for sprinkling the worktop
  • 450-500 ml of milk with 3.5% fat
  • 30 g of fresh yeast
  • 100 g caster sugar
  • 1 teaspoon with a pinch of salt
  • 100 g butter

Ingredients for the filling:

  • 300 ml milk with 3.5% fat
  • 6 yolks
  • 50 g caster sugar
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 30 g butter
  • 15 g flour
  • 20 g starch
  • 200 g chocolate chips or coarsely chopped chocolate
  • 1 whole egg for greased dough

How to prepare the dough:

Preheat the oven to 190 degrees Celsius.

Put the yeast with the sugar and 150 ml of milk in a bowl, mix them and leave them in a warm place to activate the yeast.

We put the flour in a large bowl, add salt, the composition of yeast and warm milk, as much as is needed to obtain an elastic dough, homogeneous and of a fairly light consistency, ie to be softer, add butter and more knead until it is incorporated into the dough and comes off the walls of the bowl and leave it to rise until it doubles in volume.

While the dough is fermenting, start with the vanilla cream:

Put the yolks with the flour, starch, vanilla extract and 100 milliliters of milk, mix and set aside.

Put the rest of the milk and sugar in a saucepan until it reaches the boiling point, turn off the heat and pour the yolk composition. Stir vigorously and turn the heat back on low and simmer until it thickens. Add the butter and let it cool, stirring occasionally.

After leavening the dough, we spread rectangles with a thickness of 0.5 centimeters, with a width of 20 centimeters and the length depends on how much dough we spread. Grease the bottom half with vanilla cream, sprinkle with chocolate flakes or chopped chocolate.

We come with the upper half over and cut strips with a thickness of 1.5-2 cm.

We pull the ends as far as the dough allows us to stretch and twist. Put in trays lined with baking paper and leave to rise for another 20 minutes, then grease with beaten egg. We have to pull them to lengthen them, in order to thin the dough that will grow from the yeast anyway.

Walnut snails

Today I had the urge and craving for some walnut snails as I once ate them in college. I was lucky enough to enjoy some absolutely delicious, fluffy and lots of walnut snails with walnuts for almost a year. I used to buy them from the college store. He brought them every morning, fresh and warm, I could smell them since I entered the college lobby.

Then something happened because the fluffy snails turned into old ones, where you had to look for a walnut with a magnifying glass to find it. So I gave up buying and kept looking for that taste that I knew, but in vain. A few times I took it from my store here, but the same. Dry, tasteless and walnut-free. In addition very crumbly.

My snails today are fluffy, fragrant and rich in walnuts. I was pleasantly surprised when my sister tasted a real fierce snail nut. He has never eaten more than a few mouthfuls of one because it & # 8222e is dry and tasteless & # 8221. Well today he ate a whole one! He smiled and said he gave me a grade of 10, because they are much better than the ones he (hasn't) eaten so far. And that can only confirm to me that I passed the test with flying colors.

Roll with butter cream

Roll with butter cream: a simple recipe, a fluffy roll with plenty of butter cream filling. Bonus, a really special decoration, which you can do or not, as you want.

Video: 7 Basic Piping Techniques Using 1 Tip Only (July 2022).


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