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Color, confections, and more color!

Add these creative flairs to your wedding.

Throw tradition out the window — the world of weddings has gotten a bit more exciting than the usual pearls and roses.

First of all, weddings these days are more colorful. Not only have wedding dresses deepened in hue thanks to Vera Wang’s pink, black, and red stunners at the 2013 shows and celebrities like Jessica Biel and Amber Tamblyn donning brights down the aisle, but color schemes as a whole have gotten punchier.

Colors like pink, tangerine, fuchsia, and gold have spiked in the world of weddings, showing up on everything from bridesmaids' gowns to wedding cakes to centerpieces.

Weddings have also grown up in the culinary department. Brides and grooms are taking risks when it comes to the menu —modern twists on cocktail hours, comfort food at the reception, and substituting cheeses, cupcakes, macarons, and donuts for a traditional wedding cake are showing up at more and more nuptials.

We’re not giving away all the trends just yet — flip through our slideshow to get a glimpse of what not to miss when planning your big day in the upcoming year.

These 2021 Wedding Cake Trends Are Unlike Anything We've Seen Before

What's a party without cake? While wedding trends fluctuate year over year, wedding cake is one component that's here to stay. That's not to say reception desserts haven't evolved over time—now, plenty of couples put their personal spin on sweet treats, from alternative spreads to interactive experiences that revamp traditional catering. But of all the 2021 wedding trends, intentionality is an overarching theme that will influence what marriage celebrations look like in the next year. And while the coronavirus pandemic has substantially changed what gatherings are like now, some timeless wedding elements can't be replaced—like cake.

Wedding cake trends in 2021 will be driven by intentionality and personality. As couples trade large parties for intimate minimonies and microweddings, cake is one wedding element that offers some semblance of normalcy. And, even as guest list sizes decrease, wedding budgets are generally remaining the same, allowing couples to splurge on décor, entertainment and food. Wedding cakes in 2021 won't necessarily be large, tiered confections like in previous years. Instead, expect to see pre-packaged desserts, thoughtfully designed cutting cakes and personal details that put the emphasis on the newlyweds. Here, we break down wedding cake trends of 2021 that are unlike anything we've seen before.

25 Best Ground Beef Recipes

What makes a ground beef recipe from Allrecipes so good we can call it "best"? You, the home cooks and reviewers who make these recipes every week and then tell us what you think.

These 25 ground beef recipes are among Allrecipes' top-rated options. That means they have 4.75 stars or more and dozens (if not thousands) of reviews to back up the starry love. They also happen to be just delicious, and many are incredibly easy to cook. After all, ground beef is one of the most popular weeknight dinner proteins. That means you may have a pound or two in your fridge right now and need to know what to make with your ground beef. We can help.

What is included in a wedding catering package?

  • Food: The wedding food cost is the most obvious part of a wedding catering package. You’re paying for the actual food that your guests will eat during cocktail hour and the main meal. Whether it’s served plated or buffet style is up to you and your caterer.
  • Beverages: Your caterer will likely provide beverages, both alcoholic and not, for your big day.
  • Staffing: From your event manager to cooks, servers, bartenders, and more, there are lots of staffers that will go into making your wedding day a success. It’s important to work with your caterer to make sure that you have enough people on hand to ensure a smooth reception.
  • Rentals: Your caterer may also provide rentals, from tables to chairs, dishes to glassware, utensils, and more. Some venues provide these rentals, or you may need to hire a separate rentals company.
  • Additional fees: Caterers may charge additional costs and fees, including cake cutting fees, corkage fees, and more. Be sure to read your contract carefully—and ask questions—to make sure you understand your wedding catering cost.

3-Ingredient Wedding Cocktails That Cost Way Less Than an Open Bar

Are those wedding bells ringing? All I hear is a call to the open bar.

If you've been to approximately 4,007 weddings in the past three years as I have, you know that the most crucial decision the bride and groom is not whether or not to get a prenup , it's the "just beer and wine" versus "open bar" debate. One is more expensive and rowdier than the other, and will guarantee I'll reply yes to the invite the other is fine, totally fiiiine.

But a new-ish, compromise option is a "wedding cocktail," which might be one to three cocktail options, or a punch , all with cutsie names and more complicated backstories than characters on Orange Is the New Black. It's cheaper than an open bar, but still satisfyingly boozy, and then dinner is just beer/wine. The tricky part is picking the cocktail recipe. Will it be fast and easy to make? Cost as little as possible? Not require a torch of any kind? Please every single person you've ever known and loved? Good luck on that last part.

So to take your wedding cocktail up a notch (this is not a time for vodka and orange juice), we asked some professional badass bartenders for their suggestions for easy, awesome wedding cocktails that won't get Uncle Paul too wasted before the lukewarm steak and/or choice of overcooked fish arrives. For goofy names, that's on you.

These cocktail recipes were not tested by the BA Test Kitchen

Similar to Alba Huerta's Doree Spritz, this strawberry rosé spritz would also make a great wedding cocktail. Photo: Christopher Testani

Doree Spritz

by Alba Huerta , Julep Houston
"A low alcohol spritz that's refreshing is best, especially for outdoor weddings."

2 oz. FRV 100 sparkling Gamay or sparkling rosé
1½ oz. Aperol
1 oz. mineral water (I prefer Topo Chico)
Seasonal fruit and mint sprig (for garnish)

Combine Gamay, Aperol, and mineral water in a wine glass filled with cracked ice. Garnish with seasonal fruit and mint sprig.
For more spritz recipes, check these out.

Spicy, sweet, and good warm-up material for your bridesmaid's speech. Photo: Courtesy of the Bon Vivants

Ancho Reyes Daiquiri

by Josh Harris , founding partner, The Bon Vivants (the team behind Trick Dog and Cafe du Nord )

2 oz. Ancho Reyes Ancho Chili Liqueur
1 oz. fresh lime juice
½ oz. simple syrup (2 parts sugar : 1 part water)
Thin lime wheel (for garnish)

Combine chili liqueur, lime juice, and simple syrup in a cocktail shaker. Add ice, shake, and double strain into a chilled coupe. Garnish with lime wheel.

Maybe, just maybe, a drink with "gold" in the title will bring your marriage prosperity, or at least bourbon breath. Photo: Ted Cavanaugh

Golder Rush

2 oz. 90+ proof bourbon
¾ oz. fresh lemon juice
¾ oz. honey syrup
Angostura bitters (for garnish)

Combine bourbon, lemon juice, and honey syrup in a cocktail shaker. Add ice. Shake vigorously for 10 seconds. Strain into an ice-filled DOF (or "rocks") glass. Garnish with Angostura bitters. The cocktail can be batched ahead of time, but keep cool once ingredients are combined. It's a nice serving touch to ladle some of this punch into an ice-filled glass and then dash some Angostura bitters on top.

Stir Clap

by Danny Shapiro
"For the crowd that appreciated a booze-forward, Manhattan variation."

2 oz. 90+ proof rye whiskey (or 90+ proof ANYTHING - this is super versatile)
¾ oz. Kina L➮ro (has to be this aperitif)

Combine rye whiskey and Kina L➮ro in a cocktail shaker. Add ice and stir for 30 seconds. Strain into an ice-filled DOF (or "rocks") glass. No garnish needed. This can be batched ahead of time, but once these ingredients are combined, it's best to keep them cool.

The Milano Torino at Pouring Ribbons. Photo: Paul Wagtouicz

Milano Torino

by Joaquín Simó for Pouring Ribbons
(We let Simó get away with four ingredients for this one)

¾ oz. Campari
¾ oz. Contratto Bitter
¾ oz. Contratto Rosso
¾ oz. Martelletti Classico
Orange slice (for garnish)

Combine Campari, Contrattos, and Martelletti in a rocks glass filled with ice. Garnish with orange slice.

You can never go wrong with a daiquiri (well, you can, after you drink seven). Peden + Munk


Paul McGee of the Cherry Circle Room and Milk Room at Chicago Athletic Association Hotel recommended a handful, including a daiquiri, which we think doesn't get enough play because so many people associate the name with the frozen drink. Find the BA recipe here.

The Hottest Wedding Trend: 58 Delicious Mini Desserts

Gone are the days when a chocolate fountain was enough to impress your wedding guests. Modern couples are looking to create sophisticated, memorable experiences for their wedding guests, and the food they serve plays a large part in that–especially when it comes to dessert. Here the trend has gone from formal, traditional cakes to individual bite-size desserts, such as cupcakes, mini pastries and macarons. You can make serve-yourself dessert stations, such as candy buffets and ice cream or crepe stations, that allow guests to customize their dessert. Guests with a serious sweet tooth can visit the dessert table multiple times throughout the evening, if they wish!

Tarts And Cupcakes

Tarts and cupcakes are timeless, these are very crowd-pleasing desserts. Tarts and mini tartlets can be easily made even by you yourself – add cream your like and some fresh berries or fruits on top. Cupcakes are a timeless idea that always works – they can be spruced up with any icing, macarons, fresh berries and fruits and even donuts! Unexpected and cool!

mini tartlets with fruit cream, whipped cream, citrus slices on top are very refreshing and summer-like

a mini tart with fresh raspberries and sugar powder on top is a classic idea that works for most of people

delicious mini tartlets with chocolate cream topped with strawberries are amazing, and this is a classic combo with a sophisticated feel

mini tartlets with custard and fresh bluberries, blackberries and raspberries on top and some sugar powder

mini cupcakes with whipped cream and bluberries on top are fresh, delicious and crowd-pleasing

mini chocolate cupcakes with icing on top and walnuts are a refined and unique dessert idea

mini tartlets with pink whipped cream, edible beads, fresh raspberries, chocolate on top

mini kripsy rice tartlets with whipped cream and fresh strawberries on top are amazing for sweet tooths

tasty cupcakes with whipped cream and fresh berries and mini cheesecakes with fresh blueberries, blackberries and raspberries

a mini tartlet filled with curstard and topped with blackberries is a delicious little dessert

mini tarts with custard and fresh berries and fruits are a gorgeously tasty idea that always works

tartlets filled with strawberry cream and edible beads, fresh raspberries and touches of chocolate

mini tartlets with cream inside are a delicious and simple idea of a mini dessert at a wedding

mini tartlets with fresh berries and whipped cream or chocolate cream for a wedding

mini tartlets with chocolate cream and vanilla brushstrokes on top look very whimsy and cool

coffee cupcakes with cuppaccino frosting and topped with cute sprinkled donuts are fantastic

chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with berry icing, fresh berries, cookies and various macarons on top

a mini tartlet with custard, fresh berries of various kinds and mini strawberry macarons are gorgeous

a half vanilla and half chocolate cupcake with strawberry frosting and a fresh strawberry is a gorgeous combo

mini tarts with custard and bluberries on top are a very cool and refreshing idea for a wedding

Cheesecakes And Cakes

Mini or individual cakes are a hot trend, they are a substitute of a usual wedding cake and allow each guest enjoy his or her piece easily. They can have various tastes and toppings or be totally the same, it’s up to you. As for cheesecakes, they are amazing for people who have a sweet tooth but don’t like excessive sweetness. Go for your favorite tastes and top them with fresh fruits and berries.

mini cheesecakes with fresh raspberries, currant, blackberries and mint on top are fantastic

mini blueberry cheesecakes topped with blueberries are a very trendy idea and are perfect for those who don't like excessively sweet desserts

mini raspberry cheesecakes topepd with fresh berries are amazing, delicious and not too sweet

mini berry cheesecakes with whipped cream and fresh blackberries on top are crowd-pleasing, fresh and tasty

a mini naked fig cake with a slice of pear and a piece of fig on top and champagne cream

cranberry white chocolate mini cheesecakes are gorgeous mini desserts for holiday weddings

lemon chiffon mini cake with icing, a lemon slice and a fresh blackberry looks gorgeous and delicious

lemon curd, blueberry and almond teacakes are fresh and delicious, topped with edible blooms

mini blueberry cheesecakes topped with fresh berries are gorgeous, amazing and refreshing

mini blueberry swirl cheesecakes are chic, delicious and catchy-looking, they will fit any wedding

mini lime cheesecakes with icing and fresh lime slices on top are a very refreshing idea, ideal for tropical weddings

mini naked cakes filled with sweet and tangy orange marmalade and garnished with fresh flowers

mini pink cakes with sugar blooms on top are tasty and will substitute a usual wedding cake easily

mini red velvet cakes with cream and fresh strawberries on top are amazing for making your wedding sweeter

mini strawberry cheesecakes with berry jelly and fresh berry slices on top are very tasty

mini wedding cheesecakes with chocolate and Ferrero Rocher on top are fantastic and very sophisitcated

Other Desserts

Shortcakes are a fresh and delicious idea, a substitute of usual cakes. Panna cotta and tiramisu will be a nice dessert idea if you love Italian cuisine, mini pies are perfect for backyard, rustic and woodland weddings, pavlova and meringues are a timeless idea to go for, they are very sophisticated, donuts are a totally hot wedding trend. Choose what you like or rock them all!

a mirror and crystal stand with mini desserts - chocolate covered strawberries, mini pipes with cream, tiramisu in bowls

a macaron tower and delicious mini desserts topped with cream, berries, fruits

strawberry shortcake shooters with whipped cream on top are a delicious and classic mini dessert

mini chocolate cups with chocolate cream and fresh raspberries on top and mini tartlets with whipped cream, fresh raspberries and blackberries plus fruit

starwberry shortcake parfaits with whipped cream and strawberries cut in parts are delicious

mini fruit shortcakes topped with fresh strawberries are amazing, delicious and look cool

mini shortcakes topped with raspberries and fresh mint are refreshing and delicious, great for spring and summer

mini strawberry shortcakes with fresh berries on top are classics that will please most of guests

mini chocolate desserts filled with cream and fresh berries on top plus some ties and bows

chocolate petit fours, cupcakes with icing and fresh berries, a variety of shortcakes are all you need

mini donuts with cheese, chocolate and sugar flowers look super cute and will please everyone

eclaires with vanilla and chocolate sprinkes on top are fresh, tasty and amazing

fresh berry panna cotta in plastic containers is very refreshing, tasty and sweet

fudgy brownie bites with chocolate ganache and raspberries are a very refined option

mini donuts with edible glitter are delicious, cute and very popular as a wedding catering trend

mini lemon meringue pies are delicious, refreshing and just very cool for a wedding

mini pavlova desserts topped with fresh berries and herbs are delicious and very cute-looking

mini wedding dessert cherry pies with hearts and covered ones are amazingly tasty and homey

mousse cups with bite-size desserts and mini cake pops are a catchy and tasty idea

pastel cake pops and mini candies are amazing for a pastel wedding and look delicious

smore dessert shooters are a very relaxed, tasty and cool dessert idea, it's very non-traditional

strawberry shortcakes with fresh berries and daisies on top are relaxed, summer-like and very tasty

Whether you&rsquore looking to think outside the box or embrace the standby classics, these are the biggest wedding cocktail trends for 2020, according to the experts.

Yellow Umbrella Events

Mobile Bars

Sure, a fixed bar set-up in the corner of your reception hall is pretty standard, but why not up the ante with a modern bar on wheels? Sadie Smythe of Drink Slingers in Austin, Texas said many 2020 couples are opting for a mobile bar like their Cantina Caravan made from an old Shasta Trailer and their equally fun Kickstand Mobile Mule, a horse trailer-turned-bar. Similar to food trucks, &ldquothey&rsquore a really fun focal point of a wedding reception. These bars practically beckon guests to gather &lsquoround.&rdquo

Edible Paper Elements

From invitations to wedding websites to signage, designing distinct &ldquobrand&rdquo elements for your wedding day is nothing new. However, this year some couples are taking branding to the next level by giving their sips a more signature look. &ldquoA fun way to brand cocktails is by printing custom designs on edible paper which are then placed atop a foamy cocktail. This is a new trend that we are excited to be embarking upon! The custom design is printed on sugar sheets or rice paper and they look amazing,&rdquo Smythe said. And the best part? &ldquoThey melt right into the cocktail and are completely FDA compliant.&rdquo

HD Liquid Catering

Classic Comebacks

While some 2020 couples are pulling out all the stops in the cocktail department, others are taking a distinctly &ldquoless is more&rdquo approach. Heather Nichol of HD Liquid Catering in McKinney, Texas noted that classics like tequila and gin are in the midst of a major comeback, as some brides and grooms turn back to simplicity with limited ingredients and garnish. &ldquoInstead of complicated signature cocktails, we are seeing increasing requests for drinks like Gin &lsquon Grapefruit or Tequila &lsquon Topo Chico,&rdquo she said.

Vina Enoteca

Specialty Ice

Although specialty ice has been a trend sweeping the craft cocktail bar scene for many years, Smythe said it&rsquos finally making its way into wedding bartending. &ldquoWe are seeing stamped cubes for a branded effect, which really takes it up a notch. Large format cubes keep cocktails colder longer, they look pretty and really level up a cocktail.&rdquo

HD Liquid Catering

Natural Elements

&ldquoWe will see more fresh (edible) flowers and green herbs as wedding cocktail garnish in 2020,&rdquo Smythe said. In addition to adding flavor and affordably turning cocktails into beautiful works of art, it&rsquos a great way to express your natural side and add a personal touch to each drink.

HD Liquid Catering

Spiked Seltzers

Hard seltzers and spritzers have enjoyed heightened popularity over the past several years, but Nichol said they&rsquore not going anywhere in 2020. Not only are these carbonated alcoholic sips relatively cost-effective for the budget-conscious couple, but they&rsquore often popular among guests as a low calorie and low sugar option.

Donny Tidmore Photography

Cotton Candy Toppers

Whether you&rsquore planning a morning wedding or a day-after brunch, don&rsquot overlook all the fun to be had with breakfast-themed cocktails. According to Smythe, mimosas will be getting an upgrade in 2020 with the new trend of cotton candy toppers in amazing flavor and color options to suit any style. It's a fun wedding cocktail trend for couples of all ages!


&lsquoSans Spirits&rsquo Offerings

Alcohol isn&rsquot for everyone, but that doesn&rsquot mean guests who choose not to imbibe should miss out on the fun. &ldquoWe&rsquore seeing more and more &lsquoconscious cocktails,&rsquo where a signature wedding cocktail is served alongside its non-boozy counterpart,&rdquo Smythe said. &ldquoMocktails are a great way for pregnant women, sober people, designated drivers, or those who simply choose not to drink alcohol to feel like a part of the celebration while still feeling supported in their choices. It&rsquos a beautiful win-win!&rdquo

While the pandemic showed us how fragile the U.S. food system is, it also offered a glimpse of a more resilient supply chain. Small farmers and food artisans continued to feed their communities despite the challenges of 2020. In 2021, we expect we&aposll be continuing to see community shared agriculture programs sell out of memberships and see businesses focus even more on sourcing locally. "We are also seeing a larger focus on sourcing locally, either from chef-grown gardens or local purveyors and partners. We&aposre all in these unprecedented times together and want to do what we can to support our local suppliers while meeting consumer demand for fresher food. This movement will also create a shift toward more streamlined, sustainable and seasonal menus with rotating daily specials," Gingerich said.

From PB&J to grilled cheese, we sought comfort in childhood classics throughout 2020. Kimpton Hotels reported the most popular room service orders in 2020 included burgers, pizza, grilled cheese, and pasta. Still, as we move into 2021, they and the chefs at ICE expect to see some of those old staples get creative, healthier upgrades. "I think that we&aposll see a continued interest in comfort foods, but likely with a healthy spin. Health being top of mind and with increased home cooking, people are looking for ways of making lasagna, shepherd&aposs pie, enchiladas and more all more healthy while still being comforting," said Mullen.

Chillier weather definitely means more comfort food, and there’s nothing wrong with bringing these to the table. To accomplish this at your wedding, start by thinking about the foods you incorporate into your diet once summer is over and how you can serve those in a creative way. “In the fall, we are not serving as lite of fare as we see in July," Carey says. "We do less seafood and definitely more comfort food and more hearty foods like rotisserie chicken and smoked pork.”

As with weddings any season, using what’s fresh is a great way to set your menu for the season—and, thankfully, fall has a lot of powerful, earthy flavors to incorporate. “We are always farm-to-table, so you want to see what's fresh and available and in-season,” says Davi Sobotta, sales manager for Foodz Catering. “Fall trends gravitate toward squashes, like your acorn, butternut, and delicata, along with pumpkins and yams. We also start working with more chutneys and deeper, richer sauces.”

14 Out-Of-The-Box Weddings Trends You'll Soon Be Seeing Everywhere

The new year is in full swing and with it comes a new crop of wedding trends.

According to The Knot's annual wedding trends report, here's what you'll be seeing a lot of in 2016.

1. Two-in-One Dresses

When it comes to the dress, brides are always looking to get more bang for their buck. The convertible wedding dress does double-duty, taking you from ceremony chic to reception ready with just the pull of a zipper or push of a button.

2. Fashion-Forward Florals

Flowers aren't just for centerpieces and bouquets. Now, fashion-forward brides are opting for painted floral wedding gowns as well as 3-D flower details -- both popular trends hot off the bridal runways.

3. Wedding Concierge Pros

In 2016, it's not uncommon for couples to outsource some or all of their wedding planning tasks. Popular services include bridesmaids for hire, social media concierges and even a trainer for your four-legged ring bearer.

4. Satellite Bars

Sometimes one bar just isn't enough! Brides and grooms are setting up secondary "satellite" bars at the reception that feature a special cocktail, spirit or wine tasting.

5. Contemporary Choirs

Take the big day entertainment up a notch with a choir performance. The ensemble can serenade guests during the ceremony or dazzle everyone with an a cappella version of your favorite song at the reception.

6. Late-Night Karaoke

For couples who want to keep the party going, karaoke is the way to keep guests entertained well into the night.

7. Sweet Endings

The traditional wedding cake is getting an upgrade in 2016 thanks to a recent trend: video projection mapping. And good news for those of us with a sweet tooth: mini popsicles and donut displays are also gaining popularity.

8. Wow-Worthy Websites

Wedding websites are a dime a dozen in the digital age. But today's couples are going the extra mile by hiring a web designer to create a beautiful, customized site.

9. Total Personalization

Now more than ever, brides and grooms are using the big day to display their unique tastes and interests -- whether it's by serving Grandma's special cake for dessert, asking a dear friend to officiate the ceremony or decorating the tables with centerpieces inspired by their favorite movie.

Watch the video: Top Wedding Trends for 2020 u0026 2021 Weddings. New Classic Wedding Trends (June 2022).