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Overturned cake with apples

Overturned cake with apples

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The oven is preheated to 180C.

Peel an apple and grate it.

In a round cake shape, caramelize 100g of sugar. Place the apples over which the pieces of butter are thrown and put the form in the oven for about 45 minutes, until the apples are cooked.

Before they are almost ripe, prepare the dough: beat the egg whites with a pinch of salt, add the sugar and mix until the egg whites harden well, then add the yolks, and at the end, add the flour in the rain (mixed well beforehand with the baking powder ) and homogenize everything by mixing lightly with a spatula, not with the mixer, so as not to lose air.

The composition is poured over the ripe apples and the shape is put back in the oven for about 30 minutes, until the dough turns brown on the surface (we do the test with the toothpick :))

After removing the form from the oven, let the cake cool (we can syrup it with water and sugar - I used apricot compote juice). Then we turn it over on a tray. You can garnish with whipped cream, but I say it's pretty sweet and so on :)

Overturned cake with sour cream and cranberries

Melt the butter in a pan over medium heat. Add a cup and a half of sugar and incorporate water and cinnamon. Bring to a boil and add the cranberries. Put the composition in the tray prepared in advance.

Mix the flour, baking soda and salt and, in a separate bowl, mix the remaining 6 tablespoons of butter with the white and brown sugar and gradually add the eggs. Add the flour mixture, vanilla essence and sour cream, stirring until smooth.

Add the crust over the cranberry mix and bake the cake for 50 minutes in the preheated oven at 175 degrees.

Let it cool for 10 minutes before turning it over.

This cake is served cold or at room temperature, along with hot drinks such as cinnamon coffee or cinnamon orange blossom tea.

1. In a hot pan or cake pan put 150 gr sugar and melt -caramelize. Rotate the pan until the sides are covered with caramelized sugar, one palm wide.

2. Peel the apples and remove the stalks. Apples should not be too big or too strong. Place in a bowl and fill with jam - preferably - raisins and powder with cinnamon. Here you can give free rein to your imagination and you can fill apples with what you prefer: nuts, hazelnuts, anise, almonds, pistachios, etc.

3. Put the bowl in the oven and cook the apples for 20 minutes until they leave some juice.

4. While the apples are baking, prepare the top & # 8211 sponge cake. Beat well 6 egg whites with 6 tablespoons of sugar added gradually, with the two sachets of vanilla sugar and a pinch of salt until you get a meringue, a hard foam. Mix the yolks, place over the beaten egg whites and mix. Gradually add 6 tablespoons of sifted flour and incorporate evenly, lightly, using a wooden spoon. My opinion is that there is no need to use baking powder on sponge cake because we risk getting a taste of baking powder and making a hump when baking.

5. Place the sponge cake in a bowl over the ripe apples. Bake in the hot oven for about 30 minutes. The toothpick test is mandatory, respectively the toothpick is inserted in the countertop and if it is removed clean, without the sponge sticking to it, it means that it is baked. By cooling for 10 minutes, the cake will come off the sides of the bowl and we can turn it over on a plate.

6. Sprinkle with compote juice or syrup made from water, sugar and essence. I preferred quince compote juice. I decorated this apple cake with whipped cream and berries.

Overturned cake with caramelized apples

This inverted cake with caramelized apples is one of the simplest and tastiest desserts, which is perfect for any occasion.

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Overturned cake with caramelized apples is one of the best apple cakes you can make quickly and easily. The combination of apples, caramel and fluffy vanilla sponge cake is an extremely successful and tasty one.

Baked and caramelized apples give taste and color to the cake. In fact, the overturned apple cake has an elegant look and is very similar to the famous tatin tart, the puff pastry being replaced in this case with the fluffy vanilla top.

Served with cream or ice cream, the overturned cake with caramelized apples will be to everyone's liking and can withstand any event. Also, with a few extra steps, the cake topped with caramelized apples can be turned into a delicious apple cake with burnt sugar cream.

Apple cake with burnt sugar cream

How many eggs do you put in the cream? Do not specify anywhere. The 9 written from the start or 6, without the ones for the countertop. And if so, 6 eggs in 800 ml of milk? If you put 8 you will see that you no longer need starch and it will turn out better. And what happens to the egg whites? You didn't specify anything again. In your place I would try to eliminate the chaotic recipe, to write it again, to be able to understand the novices in the art of confectionery. The recipe sounds good and I know how the cake turns out. It is delicious and it is a shame for people to curse you, when you intended to do well by sharing with us such a good cake recipe.

When you prepare a recipe you read it head on. This is the first time. Then break down the number of eggs, you can do it yourself. In the cookbooks. the quantities are written as the sum, then if 3 eggs are used on the counter it was clear as 6 on the cream. Regarding the whites. it was clear that they were put, but. . And swearing leaves me cold, after all, we usually see the straw in the eye of others, not the beam in our own eye. AAA. I forgot, I put starch because that's how I like it. you lay eggs. I cook for myself, not for those who read, I share the recipe with them. Who wants to do it that way, who doesn't try another! the glory of the lord is a horror.

You are dust! Your recipe is good but pretentious and is worked with great care !. Do not give clear indications on the baking times considering that there are 3 cakes in 1. The quantities are not clear! whoever wrote this recipe has a confused mind. Be on earth!

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