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Pizzaiola "Potatoes


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Recipe Potatoes with pizzaiola by of 23-02-2020 [Updated on 26-02-2020]

The Pizzaiola "Potatoes they are a side dish different from the usual and very rich in flavor. It is simply baked potatoes with cheese and tomato. I only used basil to flavor the tomato, but if you prefer you can use oregano, in order to recall the more classic pizzaiola meat. Alternatively, you can also use thyme or parsley, according to your tastes. The procedure is simple and, if you use the microwave like me, also fast, and the result is very good, so I definitely suggest you try these delicious potatoes with sauce;)


How to make pizzaiola potatoes

Wash the potatoes well, prick them with a fork, wrap them with cling film and cook them in the microwave for about 5-7 minutes at 800W (the bigger the potatoes, the more you need to increase the cooking time).
Alternatively, boil them for about 30 minutes: they must be almost completely cooked.

Peel the potatoes and cut them into slices of maximum 1 cm.

Heat a little oil in a large pan, then add the tomato puree, salt and basil and cook for a few minutes.
Then add the sliced ​​potatoes and cook for about ten minutes with the lid on, turning them halfway through cooking, so that they finish cooking.

Finally add diced provolone and garttugiato parmesan, replace the lid and cook for a few more minutes, just long enough to melt the cheeses.

The potatoes alla pizzaiola are ready, serve them immediately.

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