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Nests of baked noodles

Nests of baked noodles

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Recipe Nests of baked noodles of of 21-09-2014 [Updated on 29-08-2018]

The nests of baked tagliatelle are a first course that is simple to make, beautifully tasty and convenient to portion. The nests of tagliatelle are in fact put whole and raw, so as not to lose their shape during cooking and to be served solidly by lifting each nest. The only care you must have for the preparation of the dish is to abound with the sauce, the cooking of the pasta will in fact take place completely only if the noodles are completely covered by the sauce. A kiss to the friends who pass by here;)


How to make baked tagliatelle nests

Cook the tomato puree with a drizzle of oil and salt for an hour
Meanwhile, prepare the meat sauce. In a large pan, sauté a mix of chopped carrots, onion and celery in the oil
Add the minced meat and brown in a pan for a few minutes, then add salt and blend with the white wineNow cover with a few ladles of tomato puree, cover and cook for an hourOnce the meat sauce is fine, add the provola cubes

Now assemble everything, pour a generous layer of tomato sauce into an oven dish, then place the raw tagliatelle nests, distancing them a little from each other.

Stuffed with the meat sauce and provolone

Then cover entirely with the tomato sauce and bechamel. Bake at 180 ° and cook the pasta for about 30 minutes

Remove from the oven and serve your nests of tagliatelle in the oven

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