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Orecchiette with turnip tops

Orecchiette with turnip tops

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Recipe Orecchiette with turnip greens by of 24-11-2011 [Updated on 25-01-2017]

This morning I give you a good morning with a typical Apulian recipe, orecchiette with turnip tops ... buooone: P I usually prepare this first course with broccoli, the typical Campania vegetable and I sauté the vegetables in garlic and chilli and then pour the orecchiette inside, but this time I wanted to prepare it in the classic Apulian way, cooking the vegetables and pasta together and then sauté it in a pan with garlic, chilli and anchovies. At the end of cooking, you can add crumbled bread crumbs toasted in oil on the plates or I have read that someone adds a sprinkling of pecorino cheese or we wait for some Apulian friends to advise us something else. I wish a good Thursday to those who pass by;)


How to make orecchiette with turnip tops

Clean the turnip greens by removing the thickest outer leaves and the hardest stems and wash them well in cold water

Put a saucepan on the stove with plenty of it and when the water boils, add salt and throw the turnip greens inside.

After 5 minutes add the orecchiette and cook them together with the turnip greens.

While the pasta is cooking, in a large pan, brown the garlic together with the anchovy fillets and the chilli. Drain the pasta and the turnips well and dip them into the pan with the sauté.

Sauté the orecchiette with turnip greens in a pan for a couple of minutes.

Serve on plates.

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