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Bruschetta with cuttlefish

Bruschetta with cuttlefish

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Bruschetta recipe with cuttlefish of of 15-07-2016 [Updated on 15-07-2016]

The recipe of bruschetta with cuttlefish is one of those you find in my second book, Misya's menus 2. At home, on those summer evenings when we turn on the barbecue, bruschetta are a must. The most classic are dressed with a simple tomatoes cut small small, but since you know that I love to vary in the kitchen, here is one of the ways I prefer to season bruschetta: with fresh cuttlefish!
Today I had to leave for the weekend, but given the forecast of rain, wind and storm, I gave up. I admit that this morning when I saw the sun shine, I got a little angry for being influenced by the weather, but now that the flood has broken out, I think it was a wise idea not to leave;)
Let's hope this bad weather passes quickly so I can have my beloved summer back. Gloomy basins to those who pass through here


How to make bruschetta with cuttlefish

Prepare a sauté of parsley, chilli and garlic.
Add the cuttlefish to the pan, cook until brown, then add the wine.

Add the tomato sauce, season with salt and continue cooking.

Meanwhile, prepare the bruschetta by toasting the bread on the cast iron plate.

The cuttlefish will be ready when the sauce is well reduced.

You just have to season the bread with the sauce and your bruschetta with cuttlefish will be ready to be served.

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