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Strawberry grape jam

Strawberry grape jam

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Recipe Strawberry grape jam of of 17-09-2016 [Updated on 12-02-2018]

The strawberry grape jam is one of those jams that immediately conquers for its delicious aroma. During the preparation, the office was practically invaded by a pleasant and delicate fragrance that immediately enticed the girls to taste it. The procedure is similar to that of other jams but this time I used a trick to make the jam thicken. When I passed the grapes in the blender I got a liquid without pulp of course and I feared the long cooking times so I was tempted to add pectin. I then consulted my mom who suggested that I add a chopped apple, a fruit rich in pectin which acted as a natural gelling agent.
The best jam ever for both taste and density, try it for yourself;)

  • Doses for 2 jars:


How to make strawberry grape jam

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