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Salad with rocket lettuce and radishes

Salad with rocket lettuce and radishes

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Salad recipe with rocket lettuce and radishes of 10-04-2013 [Updated on 29-08-2018]

Let's start this morning with the first of the many salads I have prepared these days, yes, the hubby asked me to prepare a different salad every day until his birthday so as to get in shape for his first 40 years by eating light dishes but tasty. I promptly went to work and today I propose you a salad with lettuce, rocket and radishes dressed with mint and a fresh and light yogurt sauce, really delicious. We needed a wave of light dishes on the site and in the next few days you will find a lot of them, there will be something for everyone;) I greet you and wish you a good day


How to make rocket and radish salad

Clean the radishes by removing the tip and the leaves, then rinse them, dry them and cut them into slices

Wash the rocket and the salad, dry them and put them in a large bowl

Add the radishes and mint and mix

Prepare a yogurt sauce by mixing the white yogurt, oil, salt and pepper in a bowl

Pour the sauce over the rocket and radish lettuce salad, mix and serve

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