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Small cups with pandoro and mascarpone

Small cups with pandoro and mascarpone

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Recipe Cups with pandoro and mascarpone di of 05-01-2013 [Updated on 24-05-2016]

And here I am to give you a quick dessert to use the leftover pandoro from these verrine Christmas parties that I improvised by alternating layers of pandoro with a cream made with mascarpone, nutella and Baileys. After preparing dinner, while my husband was setting up I also made the dessert, with a minimum of effort I sweetened our after dinner and I made my guests happy, so if you have some pandoro to use and you want a sweet on the fly, try to make these cups, you will not regret it;) I wish you a good weekend and if you can, given the sales, do a good shopping. Kiss Kiss


How to make pandoro cups with mascarpone and nutella

Prepare the cream by mixing the mascarpone with the nutella and baileys

You will get a smooth and homogeneous cream

Cut the pandoro into thin slices and then into smaller rectangles

Put a pandoro base on the bottom of each cup

Put the mascarpone and nutella cream in a syringe for sweets and cover the pandoro layer with sprigs of cream

Cover with another layer of pandoro (if it is dry, sprinkle it with a little baileys liqueur)

Finish by covering each cup with sprigs of cream

Put the pandoro cups in the fridge until ready to serve

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