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Pasta with mackerel and sage

Pasta with mackerel and sage

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Pasta recipe with mackerel and sage by of 21-08-2018 [Updated on 30-09-2018]

There pasta with mackerel and sage it's a really super quick first course because it takes just 15 minutes! To make it, it is enough to season the mackerel with the sage in a pan for a few minutes and then gently add the drained pasta al dente. The result is that of a dish with a delicate taste but very, very, very tasty, and my father who loves this fish has found its combination with sage and lemon particularly tasty;) If you are looking for a quick and summer first course this is the recipe for you. Kisses :*


How to make pasta with mackerel and sage

Fry the garlic clove in a pan with the oil.
Then add the drained mackerel and the lightly crushed sage leaves.
Cook for a few minutes.

Meanwhile, cook the pasta in plenty of boiling salted water and drain it al dente.
Move it to the pan with the sauce and add pepper and grated lemon peel.
Gently mix.

Your pasta with mackerel and sage is ready to be served.

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