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Dorayaki are Japanese sweets prepared with a dough similar to that of sponge cake cooked in a pan in the round shape like pancakes and stuffed with anko, a sweet bean sauce which, however, in the Italianized version is replaced by nutella. Dorayaki are famous for being the favorite dish of Doraemon, that blue robot cat protagonist of the cartoon of the same name much loved in the 80s, do you remember? Well, as a nostalgic of those years, when I saw the recipe on the group I rushed to prepare them and I liked them very much, really an easy and quick snack to prepare for the children: P Well, girls, I'll get to work, a greeting to who passes by and if you haven't had breakfast yet, prepare the doraermon diorayaki: *


How to make dorayaki

Put the eggs in a bowl with the sugar

Stir with a whisk then add the flour and mix until you get a fluid batter

Add the honey

Dissolve the yeast in the water

Add the mixture to the batter and mix

Put the mixture in the refrigerator to rest for 30 minutes

Heat a non-stick pan, then pour the batter with a spoon without spreading the dough, it will do it alone

when bubbles start to appear on the surface, turn to the other side

on this side cook for about 30 seconds

Gradually lift the pancakes and place them on a plate

Stuff by spreading a layer of Nutella on the lighter side

Then close the sweets two by two

Serve the dorayaki

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