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Camille are soft and fragrant carrot tartlets enriched with almond flour and vanilla. When I was little my mother bought a few packaged snacks including camille and madeleine so I am very fond of this preparation, it is one of those comfort foods that make you feel like a child again at the first bite;)
Today I post my recipe to prepare the camille, it is my first experiment and I can feel really satisfied, they are a soft and fragrant sweet that brightened my day and that I will often do again now that I have a good base from which to start;)


How to do Camille

Procedure for preparing the Camille

Wash and dry the carrots, peel them and finally grate them finely.

Beat the eggs with the sugar until frothy.

Add the grated carrots and almond flour, continuing to mix everything with the electric whisk.

Add the milk and oil slowly and finally the flour with the baking powder, orange peel and vanilla, and mix everything to form a smooth and fluffy dough.

Arrange the large cups on the baking tray and with a ladle pour the mixture for 3/4 of the height of the cup.

Bake the Camille in a preheated oven at 180 ° C for 20 minutes

Let it cool before removing the camille from the molds and serving.

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