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Zucchini towers with stracchino cheese

Zucchini towers with stracchino cheese

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Recipe Torrette of zucchini with stracchino di of 26-08-2014 [Updated on 13-02-2015]

The zucchini turrets with stracchino and pistachios are a simple and tasty appetizer to prepare with round zucchini, I don't particularly love them because they are a little too full of water for my taste, but grilled and stuffed in this way I liked them very. Tried both hot from the oven and just warm, they were much appreciated, I finally found a tasty way to use the ball zucchini that my father brings me. Girls, as I told you yesterday, we started preparations for Elisa's birthday cake, it will be marine-themed and with many characters, already yesterday we started to do the first things and this year the little girl wanted to actively participate in the preparations cutting out starfish and shells, let's hope for the best;) Today, if I can, I start cooking again, I wrote down various things in these days that I would like to try, I made a good expense and therefore I just have to sort out the last paperwork and throw myself in the kitchen, I go... ;)


How to make zucchini turrets with stracchino

Wash and slice the courgettes into rings

Grilled zucchini on a plate

Then turn, add salt and sprinkle with a drizzle of oil

Put the larger courgette slices as a base, then cover with a little stracchino and chopped pistachios

Alternate zucchini, stracchino and pistachios thus forming turrets, then bake in a preheated oven at 200 ° and cook for 5/10 minutes

As soon as the cheese has melted, serve your zucchini torette

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