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Peanut cake

Peanut cake

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Peanut Cake Recipe of 20-08-2007 [Updated on 28-08-2018]

Peanut cake is a bit of a special cake because it has a sweet / salty taste. The sweet of the dough is a bit of a fist with the salted peanut coating.
It is a dessert that my aunt made during my stay in Liguria and I photographed it and copied the recipe.
Personally I don't like very buttery desserts (and caloric, eh!) But at the table everyone liked it and therefore I propose you the recipe for the peanut cake anyway;)


How to make peanut cake

Beat the eggs with the sugar.

Add the flour and melted butter.

Mix quickly without mixing the ingredients too much.

Spread parchment paper on a baking sheet and spread the mixture obtained.
Level until a homogeneous layer is obtained.

Now spread a layer of salted roasted peanuts on the cake.

Bake the peanut cake for 20 minutes at 170 ° C.

Allow to cool, cut into squares and serve.



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