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Stuffed mozzarella

Stuffed mozzarella

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Recipe Mozzarella stuffed with of 06-07-2019 [Updated on 09-07-2019]

The stuffed mozzarella they are a really nice and original idea for an aperitif or a second course (depending on the size of the mozzarella). I say idea and not recipe because in reality once you know the trick of mozzarella baskets you can stuff them with everything that goes through your head, varying from time to time to bring always new but fresh, tasty and colorful dishes to the table!
Indeed, try your favorite combinations and write them to me in the comments so that I can try them too ;-)


How to make stuffed mozzarella

Cut off the cap of the mozzarella and gently hollow out the center, leaving a nice edge at least 1-2 cm thick both below and on the sides.
Turn the mozzarella over and let it drain on a plate so that they lose the excess whey.

Put all the ingredients for the filling in a bowl: the drained and chopped tuna, the chopped tomatoes, the well washed and dried rocket, the drained and rinsed corn.
Add salt and a few basil leaves into small pieces and mix gently.

Stuff the mozzarella baskets, sprinkle with a drop of oil ... et voilà: your stuffed mozzarella is ready to be served!

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