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Meatloaf of vegetables

Meatloaf of vegetables

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Meatloaf recipe of vegetables of 19-02-2016 [Updated on 04-04-2017]

This vegetable meatloaf is a recipe that I loved at the first taste, born as an empty fridge, it turned out to be a super popular dish for the whole family. It is a valid alternative to meat loaf if you are vegetarian, celiac or if you want to keep the protein load derived from foods of animal origin low. As I told you, for me this vegetable meatloaf was born as an empty fridge, I had some ricotta to eat, a handful of mushrooms and some solitary carrots and courgettes, potatoes then, obviously at home, they are never lacking, so I put everything together and voila, in a few moves I had dinner ready ;) Of course the ingredients can be modified according to personal needs or tastes: you can replace the mushrooms with corn, or artichokes, you can add peas, put green beans instead of courgette and so on. Today I am writing to you from Verona, Ivano is a speaker at an SEO event and I obviously followed him to support him and to take a stroll in the center and taste some local specialties;) So I leave you a greeting and the recipe of the day and I run away, see you later ;)


How to make vegetable meatloaf

Boil the potatoes in a pot with plenty of water. Cook for about 30 minutes

Meanwhile, peel the courgette, clean the carrot and cut into cubes, clean the mushrooms and slice them

Brown the chopped onion in a pan with a drizzle of oil

Add the vegetables and sauté them for a couple of minutes over high heat.

Then add salt, cover with a lid and cook for about ten minutes. Once cooked, turn off the heat and let it cool.

Meanwhile, peel the boiled potatoes and mash them collecting the puree in a large bowl

Add the egg, ricotta, grated cheese, salt and pepper

Mix everything well.

Then add the vegetables

Stir to mix everything well. Then with slightly moistened hands, form a meatloaf directly on the baking sheet.

Sprinkle the vegetable meatloaf with the cornmeal and season with a drizzle of oil.

Bake in a preheated oven at 180 degrees for about 30 minutes.

Let it cool before cutting into slices and serving.

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