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Tartar sauce

Tartar sauce

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Tartar sauce recipe from of 13-10-2016 [Updated on 13-10-2016]

Tartar sauce is a very special sauce that vaguely resembles mayonnaise due to the use of egg yolks (but used hard) and oil. It differs, however, in the flavor, much fresher, given by the presence of capers and gherkins.
Spread on croutons, as an accompaniment to meat or fish dishes, used to stuff hard-boiled eggs or in nice potato baskets (the recipe will soon arrive), tartar sauce it is a perfect condiment for your antipastini. Start writing down the recipe, soon I'll show you how I used it, wait for me;)


How to make tartar sauce

Put 2 eggs in a saucepan with cold water and cook for about 8 minutes from boiling, in order to make them hard-boiled. Let them cool and shell them.

Put the egg yolks with the desalted capers, the gherkins, the parsley and the mustard in a mixer.

Start blending, then slowly add the vinegar and then the oil slowly and continue to blend until you get a smooth and thick mixture, well emulsified.

The tartar sauce is ready, use it to accompany meat or fish main courses, or serve it on canapés and croutons.

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