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Sorrentine gnocchi

Sorrentine gnocchi

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Gnocchi alla sorrentina recipe by of 21-11-2007 [Updated on 23-05-2017]

Gnocchi alla Sorrentina are a classic of the Campania tradition, a must for Sunday lunch and a dish that everyone, adults and children alike, likes. They are a simple first course to prepare and appreciated all over the world, the dish consists of potato gnocchi seasoned with a fresh tomato sauce in savory with basil, and with the addition of mozzarella from Campania. There are those who prefer the version with melted mozzarella in a pan and those who prepare them in the oven, I prefer the first option, then the choice is yours. If you want to get really special gnocchi alla sorrentina, well then you have to prepare the gnocchi yourself at home, I assure you that it is easier than you might think you just need to buy the right potatoes and have an hour of time to spend in the kitchen, but it will be worth it, guaranteed :)


How to make the gnocchi alla sorrentina

Prepare the sauce by frying a clove of garlic in a little oil, then add the tomato puree, basil and salt.

Cook the gnocchi in a pan with plenty of salted boiling water.

Drain them with a slotted spoon as soon as the gnocchi begin to float.

Put the gnocchi in a pan with the sauce (removing the garlic clove first)

Add the diced mozzarella and parmesan

Sauté the gnocchi alla sorrentina in a pan, mixing everything well and melting the pieces of mozzarella.

Gurnite the plate of gnocchi alla sorrentina with a basil leaf and bring to the table.

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