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Martini cocktail

Martini cocktail

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Martini cocktail recipe of 02-09-2018 [Updated on 30-09-2018]

The Martini cocktail, more simply said Martini, is a drink based on gin and dry vermouth. Excellent as an aperitif for its dry taste, the Martini cocktail however, it is very alcoholic and has a particularly strong taste, which is why it is not suitable for all palates. The preparation of this cocktail is in great demand during happy hour, thanks also to the countless versions that you can make by changing the doses of Gin. If you love preparing an aperitif at home, have fun making this cocktail by serving "Dry martini"Or" Extra Martini dry"To your friends: P


How to make the Martini cocktail

Fill a martini glass with ice to cool it down.
Put some ice in the glass of the shaker. Add the gin and then the vermouth and shake.
Drain the ice from the martini glass and pour the cocktail, filtering it from the ice with the strainer

Cut the lemon zest and prepare the pitted olives on a wooden stick.

Serve your Martini cocktail with lemon zest and olives.

Video: 3 Easy MARTINI Cocktails. Cocktail Recipes (June 2022).


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