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Spritz recipe by of 10-06-2016 [Updated on 10-06-2016]

The spritz is a alcoholic aperitif which is prepared with a sparkling white wine, red bitter and soda or sparkling water, you finish by garnishing the glass with ice and half a slice of orange. It is usually served in a low tumbler, but I prefer it in a long stemmed glass with a wide cup. The spritz originates in the area of Triveneto, since the 19th century the inhabitants of the place used to dilute the wine with soda water, a particularly carbonated water so as to make their wine slide better, which was considered too strong, so Spritz was born, from the German spritzen (spritzen ). In recent years the spritz has returned to great fashion, especially among young people, there is no self-respecting aperitif that does not also include Spritz and since I'm a big fan of the aperitif, especially on Friday afternoon when the working week is over, I decided to try the recipe to make it at home. The doses that I have used are approximately those reported on the bottle of the aperol and it is the proportion that I prefer. Fresh, colorful and fragrant, the spritz is the perfect drink that will accompany snacks and finger food for your homemade aperitif. I run away, that in a couple of hours I have to accompany Ely from a party, today, a very busy day: D


How to make the spritz

Wash an orange and prepare 2 half slices.

Put ice in the glasses, then add the aperol and prosecco.

Finally add the soda.

Garnish each Aperol spritz with half a slice of orange, add a straw and serve immediately.

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