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Pasta and cabbage

Pasta and cabbage

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Pasta and cabbage recipe of 28-02-2011 [Updated on 11-04-2017]

The recipe of the pasta and cabbage is a first course of traditional Italian cuisine and this morning, given the bad weather and rain, it seemed to me the ideal recipe to post on the blog. This is my home recipe to prepare pasta and cabbage, it can be an idea for today's lunch.
Many people have an aversion to cauliflower and up to a few years ago I too could not even bear the smell, but in recent years I have begun to appreciate it especially prepared in this way, with pasta. Happy Monday to those who pass by here and have a good week.


How to make Pasta and cabbage

Rinse the cabbage under running water and cut all the florets from the stem by removing the central stem.
Fry a clove of garlic and a red pepper in oil then add the cabbage cut into florets and cook for a couple of minutes
Cover with water, add salt and cook for 25/30 minutes.

Now add the pasta, mix and cook

Serve the pasta and cabbage garnishing the dishes with a little chopped parsley

Video: How to Make Spaghetti Using Cabbage For Pasta Pasta Less Spaghetti (June 2022).


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