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Salty candles

Salty candles

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Recipe salty candles of of 23-12-2018

The recipe of salty candles it is nothing but the rustic version of the sweet candles that I published a couple of years ago. Instead of shortcrust pastry I used sandwich bread to speed up the times and change a bit, but if you want you can also reproduce them by making the salty shortcrust pastry bases, if you prefer. As a filling I opted for tuna and mayonnaise, in order to take advantage of this recipe for Christmas Eve, but if you prefer you can change it, opting for example for salami and mayonnaise, cooked ham and mascarpone, or spreadable cheese and rocket, for example example ... In short, you can indulge yourself as you like, as long as the filling is not too thick. So you just need to roll up the sandwiches and sprinkle them with béchamel to simulate melted wax and that's it: simple and quick to make and extremely scenographic, perfect centerpiece for parties!


How to make salted candles

First of all prepare the bechamel: melt the butter on the heat, add the flour, then slowly add the already hot milk. Season with salt, pepper and nutmeg and let it thicken but without getting a very thick béchamel.

Blend together the mayonnaise, well-drained tuna, parsley, anchovies and a pinch of salt.

To create the small candle, spread the tuna filling on a slice of sandwich bread and roll it rather tightly.

To create the medium and long candles you will need to combine the other slices of bread in pairs, overlapping them slightly for the long one and overlapping them halfway for the medium candle. Roll out with a rolling pin to make the slices stick together, then spread with the filling and roll up.
If the candles seem to open, roll them tightly with cling film and let them rest in the fridge for at least half an hour.
For the decoration, place the candles directly on the serving dish by placing them next to each other: the longer ones behind, the shorter one in front.

With a sharp knife, shape the 3 flames using the clean pepper and insert them on as many toothpicks.

At this point you can proceed with the decoration: pour the now warm béchamel sauce on the bread rolls, a little at a time, so that it drips sideways imitating the drops of melted wax on a candle.
Gently add the flames and place in the fridge until ready to serve.

Here is your centerpiece of salty candles, ready for the Christmas Eve table!

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