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Chicken strips with lemon and rocket

Chicken strips with lemon and rocket

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Recipe Chicken strips with lemon and rocket of 26-09-2013 [Updated on 06-02-2018]

The chicken strips with lemon and rocket are the idea for tonight's dinner, a second course that is easy and quick to prepare, one we like so much, right? I really liked this simple combination and so if you like these ingredients, you absolutely must try this recipe, the chicken breast prepared like this is really tasty;) I greet you and wish you a good day, this afternoon I make the first recipe in the new office, then I'll let you know how it went. basins: ***


How to make chicken strips with lemon and rocket

Cut the chicken breast into strips and put it in a bowl with the juice and lemon peel. Cover the bowl with cling film and refrigerate to flavor for 30 minutes
After the indicated time, pass the pieces of chicken in a dish with flour and salt

Heat a drizzle of oil in a non-stick pan, add the chicken strips and brown them for about ten minutes

Turn off the heat, add salt and add the rocket. Stir in a pan for a minute

Serve the strips of chicken, lemon and rocket on the plates

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