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Provola breaded with rocket

Provola breaded with rocket

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Recipe Provola breaded with rocket of of 20-09-2014 [Updated on 23-09-2014]

The idea of ​​breaded Provola with rocket was given to me by a friend from facebook, at first I was tempted to make it fried in a pan but then I let myself be convinced by cooking it in the oven. The provola was very good and the rocket, chopped in the breading, gave a special touch to the dish, I recommend it;) Friends I am in Brussels, the home of chocolate, waffles and fries, I did not imagine that a city could exist so greedy in the world and I'm filling my eyes and stomach with every delight. And I thought Switzerland was the queen of chocolate;) Have a sweet day and we'll read you later, kisses; ***


How to make breaded provolone with rocket

Chop the rocket coarsely and put it on a plate with the breadcrumbs, salt and pepper and mix

Slice the provolone into thick slices

Go to a plate in which you have beaten an egg

Then pass them in the dish with the rocket breading

Put the slices of provolone on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper, bake at 200 ° and cook for 15 minutes, alternatively, fry them in a pan.

Serve hot

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