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Panettone towers with nougat cream

Panettone towers with nougat cream

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Recipe Panettone turrets with nougat cream of of 25-12-2017 [Updated on 31-10-2018]

The turrets of panettone with nougat cream are single-portion sweets to bring to the table during the Christmas holidays, or even immediately afterwards to recycle and serve the sweet prince of Christmas in a different way. They are prepared by obtaining panettone discs, with a round pastry ring, and then filling them with a delicious nougat mousse. To complete it all, there are powdered sugar and raspberries that give that extra elegant touch that cannot be missing! The recipe is from chef Alessandro Panizzoli, whom I met from QVC last week on the occasion of an episode dedicated to the Christmas lunch. Once I got home, I couldn't help but repeat this sweet that had conquered everyone in the broadcast and that I served last night too. Here, with this recipe I want to make you my dearest and sweetest wishes for a special Christmas to spend in health and serenity with the people you love most. A hug and a kiss to those who pass by here again today: *


How to make panettone turrets with nougat cream

Cut the nougat into chunks then chop it in a mixer.

After letting the yogurt drain for 1 hour, put it in a bowl with the powdered sugar and mix until smooth.
Then add the chopped nougat and mix.

Once the cream has also been whipped, add it too gently incorporating it with a wooden spoon.

Then cut some slices of panettone and make 8 discs with a pastry cutter.

Now compose the turrets directly in the serving dish.
Put the first disc of panettone inside a ring and cover it with the nougat mousse.
Cover with the second disk and compact everything, then compose the other turrets.

Bring your panettone turrets with nougat cream to the table by adding sprinkles of cream, icing sugar and raspberries.

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