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Filled chocolate eggs

Filled chocolate eggs

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Recipe Chocolate eggs filled with of 02-04-2018 [Updated on 09-04-2018]

The filled chocolate eggs they are a very tasty dessert quick to prepare for the little ones! To make the appearance similar to that of classic chicken eggs, the chocolate eggs will be broken on the cap and stuffed with a cream based on cream and Philadelphia, on which a piece of peach in syrup will then be added that looks like the yolk of egg. Just recently I happened to see a photo on Instagram in which the stuffed Kinder eggs were used, transformed from simple chocolate into a spoon dessert. Since after doing the fried egg cakeI had some peaches left in syrup, this seemed to me the perfect idea to use them!
Elisa had a lot of fun when I showed them to her, initially she didn't quite understand that they were sweets since they were in the egg box and then, rightly, she looked at me a bit dazed. But then he sank the spoon and hello;)


How to make filled chocolate eggs

Prepare the cream by combining the Philadelphia cheese with the icing sugar and working until you get a cream.
Then gently incorporate the fresh whipped cream separately.

Discard the eggs and, with a knife, remove the cap without breaking them.
Then remove the internal surprise.

Arrange the eggs inside the egg carton in which you will have put some food film.
Transfer the cream into a pastry bag and fill the eggs.
Cut the peach in syrup into circles and place on the surface of each egg.

Your filled chocolate eggs are ready to be enjoyed.

Video: Filled Easter eggs (June 2022).


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