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Zucchini rolls

Zucchini rolls

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Recipe Zucchini swirls of of 19-05-2018 [Updated on 21-05-2018]

The zucchini rolls are part of the rustic with zucchini simplest that can be prepared. These are beautiful and inviting swivels salt they can be prepared at the moment or with a little advance as you can enjoy them both hot and cold. If you are organizing one dinner with friends you can serve them as a delicious appetizer, you will see that in a very short time not even a single swivel will remain. Beautiful girls, today I have to do some shopping, tomorrow is the birthday of one of Elisa's friends and Monday it's my husband's turn, so this morning we go hunting for gifts, kisses and a good weekend :)


How to make zucchini rolls

In a saucepan with the oil, fry the chopped spring onion.
Then add the diced bacon and brown it.

In the meantime, clean and julienne the courgettes.
Add them to the pancetta and cook for a few minutes.
Let it cool completely.

At this point, roll out the pizza dough on floured parchment paper.
Stuff with the cooled seasoning, leaving some space in the edges.
Cut the scamorza cheese into chunks and add it to the surface.

With the help of parchment paper, roll the pizza dough from the longest side.
Seal the edges well by applying light pressure with your fingers.
Then cut the roll into slices, put them in a dripping pan lined with parchment paper and bake in a preheated oven at 180 ° C for 15-20 minutes or until the swivels are swollen and golden.

Your zucchini rolls are ready to be served.

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