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Chickpea burger

Chickpea burger

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Chickpea Burger Recipe of 13-05-2016 [Updated on 29-08-2018]

THE chickpea burger they are a vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free dish: healthier than that, you die;) They are very simple to prepare at home and are very tasty, so they can be a valid alternative to the usual meat burger. In a sandwich, alone, with a sauce or with various spices, these vegetable burgers they can be consumed in a thousand different ways. This recipe is also taken from my book "Misya's 2 menus" and you can find it in the chapter on guests celiac, at the bottom of the page you will also find the video recipe that I shot for the occasion and that will take you "to my house" so you can see me at work;)
So I leave you with the recipe for chickpea burgers and I get to work, but first another coffee is needed, kisses: *


How to make chickpea burgers

Boil the potatoes for about 35-40 minutes. (If possible use red-skinned potatoes, which have a better seal.)

Drain, peel and mash them in a potato masher.

Chop the chickpeas with a drizzle of oil and the rosemary.

Collect the chickpeas in a bowl and add the mashed potatoes, season with salt and mix.

Form the burgers with a mold, if it is still too sticky, add a tablespoon of chickpea flour.

Heat a little extra virgin olive oil in a non-stick pan, then cook the chickpea burgers for 4 minutes on each side, turning them carefully halfway through cooking.

Serve your chickpea burgers right away.

Here instead you will find the video recipe

Video: Chickpea u0026 Quinoa Burgers. Vegan High Protein (June 2022).


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