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Potato nests

Potato nests

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Potato Nests Recipe of 18-12-2013 [Updated on 28-08-2018]

Hello everyone, here is a delicious appetizer to prepare during these holidays, potato nests stuffed with porcini mushrooms, bacon and walnuts, a combination that I love! There is a week left until Christmas and this month I have cooked everything and more, I tasted the culinary tradition of my land, then I tried that of other regions and I took a look at international recipes and I am really satisfied, I would not have succeeded to experience all these delicacies if my husband had not pushed me to take my own office in which to put a kitchen to be able to cook when I had the time and the desire. It is true that these months have been more intense because it is difficult to fill the role of before being in another location, manage 2 companies at the same time, promote my book, take care of the growth of my blog and also cook, of course I have many gaps, I can no longer answer all the comments, I have not yet made any video recipe for the New Year, I have a desk with a stack of papers to file and arrange, I often feel the melancholy of not working with my husband anymore next to side, but I'm moving forward, I'm doing many new things and I'm proud of myself. Sorry for the little parenthesis this morning but when the end of the year approaches, I start to make the budgets and the list of good intentions for the future. But let's get back to the serious stuff ... I'll leave you to the recipe for potato nests and I'll go and answer your questions about the latest recipes. a kiss :*


How to make potato nests

Boil the potatoes for 30 minutes in boiling water, then peel them and mash them in a potato masher.
Collect the puree in a bowl, then add the butter, Parmesan, salt, nutmeg and egg.

Work until it forms a homogeneous mixture.

Put the dough in a pastry bag with a star-shaped filler and on a baking sheet covered with parchment paper, form donuts that you will form with a spiral movement starting from the center and placing another circle of dough on the outer layer. Bake at 200 ° and cook for 20 minutes.

Meanwhile, prepare the filling, fry a clove of garlic in a pan with a drizzle of oil, add the dried mushrooms previously soaked and cook for 5 minutes.

Now add the diced pancetta and cook another 5 minutes, then remove the garlic clove and season with salt.

When the potato nests are golden, fill them with the filling obtained.

Then serve garnished with pieces of chopped walnut.

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