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Cherries Under Spirit

Cherries Under Spirit

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Recipe Cherries in spirit of of 16-06-2016 [Updated on 23-02-2017]

Cherries in alcohol are one preserve old fashioned, forgotten by many but in reality very valid and truly exquisite. With this method, then, the cherries will keep much longer than with a classic jam, allowing you to enjoy the delights of these fruits until the following year! Once ready, the Cherries Under Spirit they are excellent eaten this way, alone (they are perfect as after dinner for one of those cold winter evenings), or they can be used to prepare chocolates or to garnish cakes and desserts ... and, why not, also a nice cup of ice cream, but I doubt they will arrive the following year;) Plus, the preparation is really simple! The recipe for cherries in alcohol that I propose is from my mother-in-law, she prepares them every year, takes the quality of cherries called calluses and is always very careful about the period in which to make the recipe because the cherries must be firm, ripe and perfectly healthy. But now I leave you, give me time to finish writing it and you will find another recipe prepared with this delicious fruit;)


How to make cherries in alcohol

Prepare a syrup of water and sugar and let it cool.

Wash the cherries well under running water, then dry them just as well.

Cut the petiole leaving a piece of a couple of cm.

Transfer the cherries to the jars, add 1 cinnamon stick to each and divide the cold syrup between the 3 jars.

Fill all the space left in the jars with alcohol.

The cherries in alcohol are ready: let the cherries rest in the pantry for at least 3 months before tasting them and consume them within 1 year.

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