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Rich mashed potatoes

Rich mashed potatoes

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Rich mashed potatoes recipe of 07-11-2017 [Updated on 07-11-2017]

Rich mashed potatoes, as the name suggests, is one mashed potatoes enriched mainly with ham and mozzarella. My mom when I was little and wanted this preparation to be a single dish, she did it just like that and my sister and I loved it.
I admit that now I prefer mashed potatoes simple, perhaps abounding with Parmesan, but when I was a child I loved it done this way and that's why I wanted to include it in my blog;) In short, if you are looking for a comfort food , this is for you, I'm sure your children will love it. I am still here in Lisbon, I am in the car, heading towards the fair and I hope to be able to follow something by committing Elisa to do something else, yes, because the pupa travels with us and today she touches a bit of the boring part of the journey, dedicated at work. But then the oceanographic is waiting for you, it is very close to the fair area and I know you will love it, it seems like a good compromise, right? basins


How to make rich mashed potatoes

In a pot with boiling water, cook the potatoes, it will take about 30 minutes.
Then drain them, peel them and mash them in a potato masher.

Transfer them to a saucepan adding the butter into chunks.
Mix with a whisk, put the milk and move to the heat.

When the liquid part has absorbed, add the grated Parmesan cheese and salt and stir.

Grate some nutmeg and add the ham and the mozzarella into pieces.
Turn to mix.

Add more Parmesan and bring your rich mashed potatoes to the table.

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