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Artichokes risotto

Artichokes risotto

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Recipe Risotto with artichokes from of 19-02-2013 [Updated on 25-07-2017]

Risotto with artichokes is one of my favorite dishes, easy and very tasty and since it is not very popular with my husband, I prepared it at my mom's house where my parents were happy to keep me company, and you should have seen Elisa how she enjoyed the artichoke risotto prepared by her mum, so now I have an artichoke partner :) Well this morning I'm sleepy, late and messed up more than ever, I have workers in the office so I let you imagine the chaos, so I say hello, I'll go get my second coffee and get back to work, kisses to those who pass by;)


How to make risotto with artichokes

To prepare the artichoke risotto, first clean the artichokes (click here to watch the tutorial to clean the artichokes) cut the artichoke hearts into wedges and put them in water and lemon for 5 minutes

In a large pan, sauté the chopped onion in oil together with a clove of garlic and the chopped parsley.

Drain the artichokes and without rinsing them, add them to the pan and let them flavor for a couple of minutes

Lift the garlic clove, now add the rice and toast it in the sauce, deglaze with the white wine and raise the heat.

Continue cooking the risotto by lowering the heat and adding the boiling broth a ladle at a time as it is absorbed during cooking.

Season with salt, turn off the heat when cooked, stir the risotto with artichokes by adding butter, parmesan, pepper and more chopped parsley

Cover and wait a minute before serving the artichoke risotto on the plates

Video: How To Cook A Perfect Risotto (July 2022).


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