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Calzoni with sausages and broccoli

Calzoni with sausages and broccoli

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Recipe Calzoni sausages and broccoli di of 10-06-2007 [Updated on 05-04-2019]

At least once a week I have to make pizza, this time I made the calzones stuffed with sausage, provola and broccoli instead of frying them, I made them in the oven since the filling is "nice light".
I have to open a parenthesis on broccoli ... Broccoli broccoli are a kind of broccoli with inflorescences, similar to turnip greens and are a typical food of Neapolitan cuisine.
The name friarielli in other parts of Italy indicates instead the friggitelli peppers, that is what we in Naples call the green peppers.


How to make sausages and broccoli calzoni

Prepare the dough for the pizzas, divide the dough into 4 loaves.
Cut the provolone into squares.
Clean and boil the broccoli, fry them in plenty of oil, garlic and chilli.
Halfway through cooking add the crumbled sausages and cook for about ten minutes.

Roll out the loaf into an even layer with a rolling pin.
Spread the sausages with broccoli and provolone on one half of the sheet.

Close the calzone in a crescent shape, seal the edges well and brush it with a little oil.

Grease a baking sheet, place the breeches on it and bake and cook for 20 minutes at 200 ° C.

Remove the sausages and broccoli from the oven and eat hot.

The sausage and friarielli pizza is one of the Neapolitan recipes that gives me the most satisfaction!

In Neapolitan cuisine, broccoli form an indissoluble combination with sausage;)

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