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Savory pie with vegetable roses

Savory pie with vegetable roses

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Recipe Savory pie with vegetable roses of 03-05-2017 [Updated on 03-05-2017]

There savoury cake with vegetable roses is one of the rustic cakes most colorful there are. The preparation times are a bit long, it took me an hour to roll up all the vegetables, but if you have a friend to prepare it with (speaking speaking) then you can consider this among the quick recipes and not just beautiful to look at.
In fact, for the occasion I got help from Francesca, one of the girls who works with me and, among a machimelhafattofare and a chat, we have completed the mission: Fr.
Come on, summer is near and this recipe really puts me in a good mood, so I'll forget for a moment that it's sunny outside and I'm plugged in the office to work and I'm off to cook, basins: *


How to make a savory pie with vegetable roses

Work the ricotta in a bowl with the Parmesan, egg, salt, pepper and aromatic herbs.

Roll out the shortcrust pastry inside a tart mold and prick it with the prongs of a fork.
Pour the mixture prepared just before and level the surface.

With your clean vegetables create thin strips, using a potato peeler or a mandolin.

Create small roses by rolling the strips of the various ingredients.

As you roll up the vegetables, place them on the ricotta, alternating them by color.
Sprinkle the vegetables with a little oil and then bake at 180 ° C for 40 minutes.

Your savory pie with vegetable roses is ready to be brought to the table.

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