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Risotto with limoncello

Risotto with limoncello

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Recipe Risotto with limoncello di of 02-07-2019

The risotto with limoncello it is a revised and more refined version of the lemon risotto that I had already made some time ago, I saw the recipe on the Galbani website, and it immediately intrigued me. While the alcohol evaporates during cooking, the aroma of the limoncello will remain, marrying perfectly with that of the basil. The result? A very delicate and surprisingly fresh dish, perfect for the summer, definitely worth trying!
Clearly if the limoncello is homemade, all the better. Did I intrigue you enough? try this risotto and then let me know;)


How to make limoncello risotto

First, chop the basil and use it to flavor the oil in a saucepan, then add the rice and toast it.

Add the limoncello, always over high heat, then lower the heat, add 1 ladle of broth and start the normal cooking of the risotto, adding hot broth as it is absorbed.
When cooked, season with salt and pepper, then stir in butter, parmesan and lemon peel.

The limoncello risotto is ready, serve, decorate with fresh basil and serve.

Video: Homemade Limoncello. Giada De Laurentiis (July 2022).


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