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Noodles with sour pork

Noodles with sour pork

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Noodles recipe with sour pork from of 17-06-2016 [Updated on 27-08-2018]

The noodles with sour pork are the first dish that I chose to include in my book "The menus of Misya 2" in the menu to organize a ethnic dinner. The choice of dish was not difficult, I chose my beloved noodles and accompanied them with sweet and sour pork pieces and sauteed vegetables, a delicious mix. Given my husband's passion for Asian cuisine, at least once a month we put aside our customs and prepare something ethnic that reminds us of our honeymoon in Thailand and this variation ofNoodles with sour pork it is one of my favorite dishes. Girls finally the week is coming to an end, today I have to do a little phone banging trying to track down the insurer, the police command and the municipality officials. Yesterday, due to the strong wind, a gate fell on my car which luckily was parked with no one inside, and I have to fill out I don't know how many insurance forms. If it had happened today I would have blamed it on Friday 17, but bad luck I know it knows no days;) I greet you friends, a kiss and we will read later: *


How to make sour pork noodles

Cut the pork loin into small pieces and place in a bowl with a drizzle of oil, the chilli and soy sauce.
Stir, then cover with cling film and refrigerate for 30 minutes.

In a wok, sauté the spring onion with the grated ginger in a drizzle of oil.

Cut the peppers into strips and julienne carrots and mix them in a bowl, along with the bean sprouts.

Add the vegetables to the wok.

Cook for a couple of minutes, then add the meat and sauté in a pan for 5 minutes.

In the meantime, soften the noodles in a boule with boiling water, then drain and add them to the pan with the meat and vegetables.

Drain the noodles and add them to the rest in the pan, season everything with the sugar and vinegar, then sauté the noodles over high heat for a few minutes.

Your sweet and sour pork noodles are ready.



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