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Appetizer mini peppers stuffed with cheese

Appetizer mini peppers stuffed with cheese

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In a bowl, mix the cottage cheese with the grated cheese and telemeau, the soft butter at room temperature.

Add sour cream, grated eggs, onion, finely chopped dill.

Season with salt and pepper to taste, let cool while we prepare the peppers.

We clean the peppers, stalks, seeds, wash them and let them drain well.

With a teaspoon we fill them with the cheese mixture and decorate them or not as we like.

I divided the cheese composition into 2 in which I added olives.

Tips & Tricks

Arrange it nice. For a beautiful visual appearance, choose a wooden or slate plate that you need to fill completely with a variety of ingredients, without leaving empty spaces.

Mix the flavors: salty, sweet and sour. As any great meal, balancing flavors is essential. Salty flavors are often the predominant ones, but the addition of sweet ingredients such as dried dates, fine jams and a few pickles or marinated stuffed peppers gives all the right flavors to the dish. Also, make sure you choose the ingredients in all sorts of textures: hard, soft, crunchy, smooth.

Cut the cheese. The biggest mistake we can make when preparing a platter is serving a large piece of hard cheese that we expect the guests to cut. That cheese will stay on the plate. So, cut the hard cheeses into small cubes, easy to serve.

The big ones have priority. First place the large ingredients on the plate (example: a soft brie cheese wheel), small bowls or jars. Then add the sliced ​​ingredients and the smaller ones around them.

Play with shapes and colors. Arrange the sliced ​​cheeses into shapes and use the ingredients as edges or dividers from each other. When it comes to colors, choose to create color spots or put opposite colors next to each other to create variety.

Choose sauces. Add small bowls with various jams or flavored sauces. Don & # 8217t forget to add small teaspoons for serving.

Give volume. Instead of placing the sliced ​​meat flat, fold it into ribbons or tulip shapes to give volume to the platter.

Add crispy. Walnuts, biscuits or toast add a change of texture and are also a visual switch. The smaller walnuts are excellent for filling any gaps in the plate.

Complete with aromatic herbs. With the help of plants, fresh rosemary or dried oregano we will give the final touch for a fantastic look of our plate.

If you liked this Instagramable charcuterie platter, you can see 23 other inspired platter ideas. For homemade dried tomato pesto sauce, you can find the recipe here.

Exceptional plating

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Mini peppers with fresh cheese and truffles / Mini peppers with ricotta cheese and truffles

Last year I posted many recipes before Christmas and before the New Year. Last year I came back after a long break but I preferred to spend my vacation with my loved ones and focus on a new chapter of my life. I wish you a new year full of happiness, health and many achievements, as I wish me and my loved ones! Happy Birthday!
At the beginning of the year I want to propose you a simple and high-effect recipe-mini peppers stuffed with fresh cheese and truffles.
In the past few years I posted many recipes before Christmas and New Year & # 8217s Eve. The year that just passed meant my coming back after a long period of time but I preferred to spend my holidays with my dear ones and to concentrate on a new chapter of my life. I wish you a new year full of happiness, health and many accomplishments, as I wish for myself and my dear ones! Happy New Year!
For the start of this year I would like to propose you a simple and interesting recipe-mini peppers with ricotta cheese and truffles.

For this recipe I needed:
& # 8211 mini peppers
& # 8211 100g ricotta
& # 8211 1 gogosar
& # 8211 a few slices of black truffle
& # 8211 sare
& # 8211 pepper
For this recipe I needed:
& # 8211 mini peppers
& # 8211 100g ricotta
& # 8211 1 red sweet pepper
& # 8211 few slices of black truffle
& # 8211 salt
& # 8211 pepper

I washed the peppers and baked them in a pan until the skin could be easily removed. Then I cut a lid to remove the seeds from the inside. I kept the cut part to assemble the pepper after filling it with cheese.
Until I prepared the cream cheese, I kept the peppers in a mixture of 100 ml of water, 1 tablespoon of oil, 1 tablespoon of vinegar and salt.
I also baked the donut and peeled it, after which I used the pulp for the cream cheese. In a bowl I put the cheese and the pulp of the donut and I mixed them with the blender. Then I added salt and pepper. I filled mini peppers and put a slice of truffle on each. They can be served as such or as part of a multi-course appetizer.
I washed the peppers and I grilled them on a pan until their peel was easy to be taken away. After that I cut out near the stem in order to take out the seeds. I kept the part that was cut in because I wanted to use it after the peppers were filled with cheese.
I kept the mini peppers in a mix of 100 ml water, 1 tablespoon of sunflower oil, 1 tablespoon of vinegar and salt until I prepared the cheese filling.
I also grilled the sweet pepper and I peeled it and I used the pulp for the cheese filling. In a bowl I put the cheese and sweet pepper & # 8217s pulp and I mixed it with the blender. I added salt and pepper in the end. I filled each mini pepper with cheese and I put a slice of truffle on each one. They can be served as they are or as a part of an appetizer.

It is worth trying this recipe, being a combination of simple but effective tastes.
Good appetite!
It's worth trying this recipe, because it's a combination of simple tastes but making a big impression.
Bon appetit!

Jalapeno peppers stuffed with cheese and wrapped in bacon

The holidays are in full swing and I thought I'd suggest a special appetizer: jalapeno peppers stuffed with cheese and wrapped in bacon.

If you like hot appetizers, then this recipe will definitely be to your liking. Jalapeno peppers, stuffed with cream cheese and garlic and wrapped in bacon are an incredible combination of tastes that none of your guests will resist.

If you do not want to use jalapeno peppers, you can also make this preparation with mini bell peppers. It is an equally tasty choice if you are not used to eating fast.

Ingredients for jalapeno peppers stuffed with cheese and wrapped in bacon:

-12 fresh jalapeno peppers

-230 gr of cream cheese, at room temperature

-300 gr of cheddar or cheese cheese

-1/2 ligature of smoked paprika

-12 slices of bacon, cut in half

Method of preparation:

Preheat the oven to 200 degrees Celsius. Take a large tray and line it with baking paper, and place a grill on top. The peppers are cut in half lengthwise and cleaned of seeds and membranes in the middle.

With a hand or kitchen mixer, mix the cream cheese, cheddar cheese, garlic and smoked paprika until a homogeneous composition is obtained. Season with salt to taste and fill the 24 halves of the pepper evenly.

Take each half of the pepper and wrap it in half a slice of bacon and then fix it with a toothpick, to make sure that the bacon does not come off.

Place on the grill and place in the oven for 25-28 minutes until the bacon becomes crispy enough. Serve hot. If they remain, which is unlikely, you can put them in a covered dish in the refrigerator, where they last up to 4 days.

Eggs in the support of bell peppers

If your children are fussy, you might be tempted by this breakfast idea. With a little imagination and patience you can make improvements with a little carrot, peppercorns or olives. The result is a look that would tempt your warrior. To me it was not the case. # 8230

Ingredient: eggs, bell peppers (as colorful and larger as possible), tomatoes, salt, pepper, pan

Method of preparation

Dried tomatoes in oil

So: simple as hello! You take the tomatoes, wash them, cut them into slices, but be careful to keep them about the same

Traditional donuts

Clean the donuts and cut them into quarters. Make a bath of water, vinegar, spices, salt, honey, oil. When

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Find special appetizer recipes suitable for any occasion. At Christmas, Easter, New Year's Eve or at a party, these special appetizers will always be a source of good mood.

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    Sausage and spaghetti mummies can be a delicious dinner for Halloween, and they will surely delight your little one, especially if he is.

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    Breaded bread is delicious but only those with a controlled cholesterol can consume it without worries. However, even if it contains a lot.

    Mini peppers stuffed with urda

    It's not a great recipe, but I was so excited when I found those small peppers (the kind I just brought from Amsterdam, but they seemed tastier) and the cheese we told you about yesterday in Italian style & # 8221 I mean a urda, ricotta, blabla, I described to you yesterday, I still couldn't help but befriend these two products.

    I simply burned it, only the ingredients mentioned above, some freshly shaken basil from the new plant and some bacon with Tulcea garlic.

    I confused them with a little sour cream, that's all.

    Small stuffed beauties, before the oven:

    Baths, delicious, costly, but do.

    I have a few more, I haven't made breaded peppers for a long time, let's see how I feel tomorrow, although I was forced to eat a cabbage from Cluj, but we are negotiating.

    I know it's not a great recipe, but when it's sunny, it's food, right? rororo

    Duck rillettes Patesa 190g Duck rillettes are a special delicacy, ideal as an appetizer, served on toast or starter.

    Whole Datterini tomatoes in Robo 800g tomato sauce

    Video: The BEST Cheesy Stuffed Mini Peppers Recipe! With Cheese, BACON u0026 Tabasco! Game-Day Appetizer! (July 2022).


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