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Fried cod recipe of of 14-12-2016 [Updated on 20-02-2018]

The fried cod in Naples never fails at Christmas and New Year, crunchy outside and soft inside is the perfect dish to bring to the table on holidays! Tradition wants it on the table nice hot just fried but there are also those who prepare it with a few hours in advance (a little to get on with the work and a little to avoid imposing their guests).
Codfish either you love it or you hate it and it is difficult to remain indifferent to its taste, especially when it comes to the fried one, 'or pezzullo and cod, as it is called in Neapolitan, it never refuses;) If you too want to embrace this Neapolitan tradition or if you are looking for a second dish of fish that you can prepare in a short time, the fried cod is the one for you!


How to make fried cod

To prepare the fried cod you need to start cleaning the fillet.
Remove the skin by lifting it from the tail and pulling it gently.
Also eliminate any bones present.

Then cut the cod into slices about 3-4 cm thick.

Arrange the flour and salt in a dish in which you will flour both sides of each piece of cod.

Heat the oil in a pan and when it is hot fry a few pieces of fish at a time. If the slices are not too thick, it will take about 6/8 minutes.
Lift them when they are golden brown and transfer them to absorbent paper to remove excess oil.

Serve your fried cod hot.

Fried cod

The recipe, which I present to you, today is the fried cod as we do it here in Naples. One of my favorite dishes. A dish that makes you happy, and it is not a word to say but which is 100% true as a piece of fried cod stimulates the endorphins. The secret to having an excellent fried cod is to fry it a little at a time in extra virgin olive oil, taking care to let it dry, also with the help of a dry cloth.

  • Difficulty Very easy
  • Average cost
  • Preparation time 30 minutes
  • Rest time 30 minutes
  • Cooking time 30 minutes
  • Servings 4 people
  • Cooking method Frying
  • Italian cuisine

How to prepare fried cod

Soak the fish for 2 or 3 days, changing the water every 8 hours, in order to partially desalt it. Rinse the piece of cod under running water and drain it in a bowl in the refrigerator or in a cool place.

Cut the cod into slices, dry it and pass it in the flour. Put plenty of oil in a non-stick pan, or in a deep fryer, and let it heat up. When it has reached the right temperature, put the slices of cod in the pan and fry for about six minutes, turning them often. When the slices are evenly browned, it means that the fried cod is ready. Drain them on absorbent paper and season with salt and pepper before serving.

Friscioeu de cod (cod fritters)

Soften the cod in running water for 48 hours.

Prepare the batter in a bowl, starting to mix the flour with the white wine.

Add the sparkling water.

You will get a thick mixture, let it rest.

In the meantime, remove the skin from the cod fillets, using a very sharp knife.

Dip them in the batter.

Heat abundant extra virgin olive oil in a pan.

When the oil is at the right temperature, without letting it smoke, dip the pieces of cod in the batter.

Fry them until golden brown and turn them over, then place them on a plate with a few sheets of kitchen paper.

Fried cod

To prepare the Roman-style fried cod (in batter), start with the batter. In a container pour the flour and then the very cold sparkling water 1, mix well with a whisk 2 obtaining a fluid batter and without lumps 3.

Cover it with cling film and let it rest in the refrigerator for an hour 4. After the time has elapsed, heat up plenty of seed oil, in the meantime take care of the cod. Ours is already desalted, so you can even just rinse it several times without the need for soaking, otherwise you can desalt it with our cooking school: how to desalt cod. Holding the piece by the tail, remove the skin 5, help with your hands to pull it off 6.

Then cut into smaller pieces, you should get 6 in total 7 and pass them, one by one, in the batter 8. Lift with tongs, or a fork,

and dip a few pieces at a time in the oil: they will have to cook at a temperature of 180 ° -190 ° (the only way to ensure the exact temperature is to use a cooking thermometer) 10. After 7-8 minutes the fillets will be golden, drain on absorbent paper 11, and continue cooking all the others. When cooked, add salt and enjoy your Roman-style fried cod (in batter) still very hot 12.

Cooking and tasting.

In this holiday period, I finally had some time for cooking, for the house and for myself !!
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But now enough with the chat, I leave you something extremely tasty, simple to prepare and fast. It can be used to solve a dinner, or if you make small pieces, it will also be fine to add to appetizers for an aperitif. They are not real pancakes, as I did not make any batter, so no eggs, but I simply breaded the fish and fried in plenty of oil. I did not add salt, since the cod is already tasty on its own. You could do it with rice flour, or by adding a little corn flour, for a more crunchy result. let me know!!

500-600 gr of already soaked cod - flour - seed oil - lemon

Remove the skin from your fillets and with the help of tweezers remove all the bones. Cut the fillets into pieces, flour them on both sides and fry them in abundant boiling oil a few at a time until golden brown.
Transfer to absorbent paper, add oregano and lemon slices and serve immediately.

Immerse the cod in water and leave it to soak for 24/48 hours to desalt it, changing the water every 7/8 hours.

After the soaking time, wash it under running water and drain it well, eliminating all the excess water.

Cut it into strips about 2 cm long, creating fillets and let it rest in a colander.

Prepare the batter with the sifted flour by adding just enough water to obtain a smooth and uniform dough, not too thick nor too liquid: try to lift the fork into the dough to check its consistency.

Take the cod fillets and dip them evenly into the batter, heat abundant oil in a large pan and fry the fillets for about 10 minutes, turning them gently to obtain a uniform browning.

Once cooked, crispy and golden, arrange them on absorbent paper.

Serve hot, with a sprinkling of salt and pepper as an appetizer or second course, accompanied by fried potatoes or fresh salad to degrease the palate, and add a glass of rosé Bolgheri to the table.

The fried cod

Gold on the table with the recipe of fried cod : let's prepare it together.

Start by making the batter. In a bowl, arrange the flour and add a yolk, a tablespoon of oil, salt and pepper in the center. Mix the ingredients and add the beer, to be poured gradually. When you have a batter with a velvety consistency, cover with a cloth and let it rest.

Cut the cod into pieces, wash it, dry it and put it to brown in a pan with the butter. When the fish is golden on both sides, sprinkle it with the grated parmesan and cook for another 5 minutes, keeping the heat very low and covering the pan with the lid. After that, turn off the heat and let it cool.

Whip the egg white with a pinch of salt and add it to the batter you have already prepared. Pass the pieces of cod in this mixture and fry them in a pan with plenty of hot oil. When the fried cod is ready, put it to dry on kitchen paper to remove excess grease.

Now peel the potatoes, cut them into sticks and put them to fry in a different pan than the cod. Once ready, available for a few minutes on absorbent paper and flavor with a pinch of salt.

Serve yours fried cod very hot, together with potatoes.


Desalt the cod

If you buy salted cod, you must first soak it to desalt it. Without rinsing it, cut it into pieces and immerse it in a basin with cold water until it is covered. Leave it to soak for 4-5 days, changing the water in the basin at least 2 times a day. Soaking times can vary from 4 to 5 days depending on the size of the pieces and the thickness of the cod used.

When the cod is desalted or if you buy already desalted cod, rinse the pieces of cod and dry them with absorbent paper.

Prepare the crispy fried cod

Flour the pieces of cod in flour 00 or, if you want a crispy fried cod, flour it in semolina flour mixed with corn flour in equal parts. If, on the other hand, you prefer a very crunchy fried cod to bread the pieces of cod, use only corn flour. To you the choice!

Cook the cod

Fry the cod in abundant boiling oil with the skin facing upwards so that it does not stick to the bottom of the pan. For the first 2 minutes, cook it over high heat so that a crispy crust forms around the pieces of cod, then continue cooking over medium / low heat turning the pieces of cod halfway through cooking.

When the pieces of cod are golden brown, with the help of a slotted spoon pass them on absorbent paper and pepper to taste.

Serve the crispy fried cod immediately to enjoy it at its best.

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The flavors of Chiara

The dried cod sold dry (in salt) must be washed to remove the salt and left to soak for a whole day, changing the water often, then it can be used in various recipes.

For this recipe you need:
Half a kilo of thin cod already desalted (see previous procedure), 6 tablespoons of flour, 1 clove of squeezed garlic, 1 level teaspoon of baking powder, milk to taste, salt (a little) and pepper.

Put the cod in a pan of boiling water for five minutes (time needed to easily free it from the bones), remove it and let it cool.
Mix the flour, salt and pepper with the milk, slowly so as not to form lumps, add the yeast and mix well.

The glue should be thick, but not too thick (if you take a spoonful and try to let it go down it has to stay a little on the spoon before falling)

Cut the cod into pieces and put it in the glue.
Cook them a little at a time in boiling oil and serve immediately, they are good hot.

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