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Keenan Robinson, Redskins Linebacker, Comes to Practice with a Vintage Lunchbox Every Day

Keenan Robinson, Redskins Linebacker, Comes to Practice with a Vintage Lunchbox Every Day

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You can order the same classic ‘lunch pail’ as Robinson on Amazon

‘People know what’s up when they see it,’ Robinson said of his popular prop.

Keenan Robinson, linebacker for the Washington Redskins, might be nearing 30 (he’s 26), but that doesn’t mean he’s too old for a lunchbox — the classic metal kind with latches, so vintage that it’s more commonly called a “lunch pail.”

Ever since he ordered the lunchbox online, it has become a symbol of focus and hard work, evoking the spirit of blue collar laborers with whom lunch pails have been so historically aligned that they’ve been called “lunch pailers.”

“People know what’s up when they see it,” Robinson told The Washington Post. “It’s just a mind-set: that every day we come to work.” Among his teammates, the sight of Robinson with his lunchbox has helped him earn a reputation for being quiet and dedicated.

“He was quiet, he took his notes, and he worked, he came to work every day,” fellow linebacker Perry Riley Jr. told the Post.

The lunch pail doesn’t always contain Robinson’s lunch, however — he’s been known to store energy drinks inside, which “knocks out two birds with one stone.”

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