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Mojitos and Cigars in Vegas

Mojitos and Cigars in Vegas

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While the crowd at this posh, South Beach-inspired spot can lean towards the clubbing scene (this is Vegas, after all), there is nevertheless a little something for everybody here. Spend the night dancing with a perfect mojito in hand, or enjoy a glass of smoky añejo on the patio with a cigar. (That’s right, the bar serves up cigars to go with the boutique rum.)

Mojitos and Cigars

My husband and I love Cuban food. We also love game night so when it was our turn to host, we knew we wanted to throw a Cuban themed party like no other game night we&rsquove held before. There&rsquos something about having a congruent theme running through a gathering that just makes it feel extra-special to me. We prepared a small tapas menu for snacking & invited our friends over to play &ldquoDouble-Nines&rdquo Dominoes, a game often played throughout Cuba in parks and other public areas as a pastime.

What Music is Best for a Cuban-Style Party?

Played Latin-inspired Salsa music &mdash it was so much fun and everyone had a blast.

In addition to our tapas menu, our guests had the option of trying a Havana Honeys Cigar. No Cuban themed party would be complete without Cuban cigars! I&rsquod never had a cigar before but one of my co-workers highly recommended this brand for both flavor and affordability &mdash and he was right. What&rsquos fun about these Cuban cigars is that along with traditional (original) cigars, they also come in a variety of flavor notes. So it was fun to correlate our food, drink and cigar menu so that everything was complementary to one another.

Rhumbar Las Vegas Cigar Lounge

If you are looking for a great place to hang out and smoke a cigar when in Las Vegas look no further than Rhumbar “A cool yet spicy lounge”. Rhumbar is located at the Mirage Hotel and Casino and it is one of my favorite places to visit when I am in Vegas. The Rhumbar has a modern latin feel to it with a small indoor area and much larger outdoor area surrounded in palm trees.

Look at the size of that Padron 1964 Anniversario I'm smoking! It's like 50 feet long!

The Rhumbar does not have an extensive cigar collection, in fact they only have a small cabinet humidor near the bar area so if you are looking to buy a cigar they can accomodate you but you are not going to have a huge selection to choose from. Yet that’s not the point of the Rhumbar, the Rhumbar is awesome for two reasons:

Rhumbar's hand made mojito will be the perfect pairing for your favorite cigar.

The Rhumbar makes KILLER drinks. I had the best mojito I have ever tasted at Rhumbar. Cheap? No. Good? YES!! In fact all the drinks I ordered at Rhumbar were amazing. Not only did I have a Mojito but over the course of a fews days I also had their Margarita and a Pina Colada – all of their hand made drinks were amazing!

The atmosphere at Rhumbar is fantastic! It’s like a latin oasis in the desert. Palm trees swaying overhead while upbeat latin music fills the air. I could sit there all day just soaking up the cool vibe. At night things liven up a bit with a DJ and salsa dancing. Make sure to get a seat early because at night time the Rhumbar fills up quickly. Outside is the place to be with modern wicker chairs and couches making up mini sitting areas that are very comfortable for lounging and smoking your cigar.

There are two great cigar bars in Las Vegas and the Rhumbar is one of them, ironically the other is Casa Fuente and it’s just next door at the Forum Shops at Ceaser’s Palace.

For the most part I prefer a quiet setting for talking and smoking but occasionally you want to let your hair down and party a little bit and my friends and I had a great time the night we hung out at Rhumbar. The Rhumbar opens daily at 1PM and doesn’t close until at least midnight (or so) therefore its a great place to go directly after lunch and relax with a drink and a cigar. The next time you are in Vegas make sure to plan to spend some time at Rhumbar (although you may want to bring your own cigars).

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Bourbon is the universal donor to a cigar pairing. If you’re offered a drink while smoking and you have no idea of the nature of the cigar or the labels behind the bar, make bourbon your first call. The whiskey’s typical flavor notes of maple syrup, honey, caramel, nuts, charred wood, and fruit practically guarantee finding complementary flavors in a cigar. Bourbon brings needed sweetness to the leather and dark toast of stronger cigars, while even milder cigars can generally stand up to all but the strongest of bourbons because of their lush barrel notes. Tennessee whiskeys, having been charcoal filtered for smoothness, tend to do better with lighter smokes. Similarly, the spiciness of straight ryes may clash with peppery tobaccos, but they play well with toasty, nutty cigars.

Try: Maker’s Mark with a full-bodied Nicaraguan cigar.
Top picks: Padrón 1964 Anniversary Series Exclusivo ($12), Vegas Cubanas Generoso ($7), Padrón 2000 Maduro ($6)
Why it works: The toast, nuts, caramel, and pepper notes in the cigars are made for this bourbon, which provides complementary sweetness on a canvas of wheat.

5 great places in Las Vegas to enjoy a mojito

What better place to get a mojito than one that’s dedicated to them? Part of the Spanish Steps market at Roman Plaza outside Caesars Palace, the Mojito Bar has the standard mint-and-lime-infused refresher, but also such exotica as the Black Spanish Dragon, which blends Bacardi Dragon Berry Rum with blackberries, mint leaves and soda — in 16- and 24-ounce sizes.

Caesars Palace, 702-737-7110,

Havana Grill

The mojito was born in Havana, so Havana Grill seems a natural choice. And the restaurant has plenty to choose from, including a classic version, the signature Havana (with coconut water and pineapple juice), plus orange, passion fruit, mango, pineapple or raspberry.

8878 S. Eastern Ave., 702-932-9310,

Firefly Tapas Kitchen & Bar

Firefly serves your standard mojito, but also flavored varieties, and they’re all available by the glass or the pitcher. If you’re looking for something different, consider blueberry, raspberry, mango, strawberry, passion fruit, watermelon, blood orange, pomegranate, cucumber or paradise.

3824 Paradise Road, 702-369-3971,

Casa Fuente

The Casa Mojito is as classic as it gets — Botran Solera 1893 Rum with the requisite mint, lime, simple syrup and soda — but you can change things up a little with a tangerine version, or one that features peach and chipotle. You also can indulge in a cigar.

The Forum Shops at Caesars, 702-731-5051,

If you want to try a really different version of this standard drink, consider the Jamaican Mojito at DW Bistro. It’s a blend of Atlantico Grand Reserva Rum, guava puree, strawberries, ginger syrup and Jamaican ginger beer — and muddled mint, of course.

Friends With Benefits: Michael Fayerverger of Casa Fuente

“Most of the customers that come, come to see me,” says Michael Fayerverger, general manager of Casa Fuente at The Forum Shops at Caesars. “We have a lot of very rare cigars that you can’t get anywhere and I kind of have a thing—everything is not always out on the shelf. I work in a special cigar store and I have things that kind of are tucked away in my closet, my cabinet … I get texts, emails, people asking if I’m here, because they know they have to see me to get the good stuff.”

The good stuff, indeed. For 15 years now, Casa Fuente has welcomed cigar lovers to its intimate bar and lounge—filled with upscale furnishings and a flair of Cuban-inspired décor—plus a cozy patio and fountain out front.

Fayerverger has been with the company for more than two decades, starting part time selling cigars wholesale to various spots along the Strip. Before he joined the cigar industry, Israel native Fayerverger, who was raised in Chicago, was a sort of jack of all trades, from working in various industries like the fur and shoe business in his hometown to running Kmart stores, managing pawn shops, nightclubs and bars when he moved to Vegas in 1999. He worked with the Arturo Fuente brand part time, and when it was decided the company wanted to open its own brick and mortar, it was Fayerverger they wanted to put in charge.

“Casa Fuente has become well-known with people around the world—we’re pretty famous,” he says. “After 20-plus years with the company, when you love what you do, you have no problem coming back every day and eventually what’s supposed to be a job isn’t a job anymore.”

Asked if he plans on retiring from the cigar industry or if he plans on never leaving, Fayerverger says, “I will die in the cigar industry—I’m not going to retire. See the statue out there in the front? Hopefully they’ll put a statue of me right next to it.”

Photo: Christopher DeVargas

Libation: Tangerine Mojito

“Most people that come in here are cigar freaks,” Fayerverger says. “They know their Scotch, they know their bourbon, but a lot of people come here for the mojitos, and cigars go good with mojitos.” Besides serving the classic mojito, Casa Fuente also makes a refreshing tangerine mojito, a mix of Botran rum, simple syrup and muddled tangerines, mint and lime with a splash of soda. (Fayerverger is right: This has to be one of the best mojitos ever, ever tasted!). Casa Fuente is currently serving sandwiches, too.

Benefit: “Casa Fuente is well-known for making the best mojitos. People tell me we make the best mojitos in Vegas.”

Click here for your free subscription to the weekly digital edition of Las Vegas Magazine, your guide to everything to do, hear, see and experience in Southern Nevada. As part of your subscription, each week via email you will receive the latest edition of Las Vegas Magazine, full of informative content such as restaurants to visit, cocktails to sip and attractions to enjoy.

Thirsty Thursday – Sparkling Mojito with Prosecco

Food Thoughts of a Chef Wannabe a fellow food blogger invited all her food blogging friends to add a drink recipe to her Thirsty Thursday Facebook post. I have been wanting to recreate the AWESOME sparkling mojito that my sister and I slightly overindulged on at Casa Marina while we were on our sister-sister vacay in Key West in May. I love a mojito and all of it’s minty refreshing goodness, but you know what makes me like a mojito even more. A sparkling mojito with Prosecco…….YUMMMMMMM………I’m thinking that at the end of this long day I will have one calling my name. DO NOT skip the simple syrup step. It is the key ingredient to take your mojito from good to GUUUUUUUUD.

Minted simple syrup is a step that should not be skipped. This is the most authentic way of preparing mojitos like they do in the Caribbean.

  • 1 teaspoon Minted Simple Syrup
  • 10 fresh mint leaves
  • 1/2 lime cut into 4 wedges
  • 1 1/2 oz white rum
  • 1/2 cup Prosecco

    In a tall glass, pour in Minted Simple Syrup . Add mint leaves. Using a pestle, muddle mint leaves with syrup. Add crushed ice. Add rum. Squeeze lime into glass and add lime wedges. Add 1/2 cup Prosecco. Stir to combine.

Cigar Aficionado

There's never been a shortage of reasons to visit Las Vegas. Whether it's gambling, taking in world-class entertainment or dining at restaurants owned by famous chefs, Americans have long flocked to the city in the desert for a chance to indulge in pleasures unavailable to them at home. And for cigar smokers, with smoking bans tarnishing the cigar cultures of New York, New Orleans, Chicago and other cities, this old school Sin City charm rings truer now more than ever.

There's no question that Las Vegas is one of the last great cigar cities left in America. Not only do most of the resorts and casinos provide ample accommodations for smoking patrons, most offer venues specifically geared towards cigar smokers. Quality humidor selections are available where seating is comfortable, temperature is fair and cigars can be enjoyed alongside premium libations.

On the Strip you'll find an array of upscale cigar bars inside some of the city's most famous resorts and casinos, but it would be a mistake to let your visit go by without experiencing the recently revived downtown area. As profiled in a recent issue of Cigar Aficionado, revitalization and renewed interest has turned the once forgotten area into one of the most popular up-and-coming neighborhoods in the country. And like the rest of the city, there are some unique venues where cigars can be enjoyed.

On The Strip

The Mirage Hotel & Casino
3400 South Las Vegas Blvd. | | (702) 791-7111

The Caribbean-themed Rhumbar is the premier cigar-smoking venue inside The Mirage Hotel & Casino, the current home of Cigar Aficionado's Big Smoke Las Vegas weekend. The menu, inspired by its namesake spirit, offers a variety of top-shelf rums and signature cocktails like the Rhumbar Mojito, Latin Manhattan and 1944 Mai Tai. Bring your own cigar or delve into Rhumbar's humidor, which provides a selection of fine cigars including Ashton, Arturo Fuente, Padrón and La Flor Dominicana, as well as Montecristo, Romeo y Julieta and Cohiba. Enjoy a cigar and libation inside the luxe all-white bar or step out onto the large patio and take in a spectacular view of the Strip.

Whiskey Down
MGM Grand Las Vegas
3799 South Las Vegas Blvd. | | (702) 891-1111

For those of us who find there's no better friend to a premium cigar than a glass of fine whisky, the MGM Grand's Whiskey Down is an absolute must. Inspired by the ambiance of an old Hollywood speakeasy, Whiskey Down boasts a selection of more than 50 different types of American, Canadian, Irish and Scotch whiskies. Relax on the oversized plush leather furniture or enjoy a game of Blackjack on one of three tables. Although Whiskey Down does not have a humidor of its own, cigar smoking is more than welcome. Guests are free to bring their own cigar or pick one up at the nearby Davidoff of Geneva shop located within the resort.

Napoleon's Dueling Pianos
Paris Las Vegas
3655 South Las Vegas Blvd. | | (702) 946-7000

They don't call Las Vegas the Entertainment Capital of the World for nothing. Where else can you smoke a cigar while watching two dueling pianists riff on a variety of songs ranging from classics to current pop hits on a nightly basis? At Napoleon's Dueling Pianos the entertainment begins at 6 pm and goes until 2. There's no cover, but a two-drink minimum is required for all patrons. Napoleon's has a large wine list, as well as a variety of cocktails, spirits and, of course, cigars.

Davidoff Cigar Bar
Fashion Show Plaza
3200 Las Vegas Blvd. #1245 | | (702) 473-5001

Opened in late-2015, the Davidoff Cigar Bar is another new addition to the list of large upscale cigar venues in Vegas. Located at the Fashion Show Mall (between Treasure Island and Trump International hotels, across from the Wynn and the Palazzo), the 2,500-square-foot floor space is perfect for taking in the hustle-and-bustle of the city. The 50-seat outdoor patio provides ample space for patrons to enjoy a cigar and a cocktail while people watching on the heavily populated sliver of the Strip. And if the weather isn't suited for the outdoors, the bar area is surrounded by large windows, so you can relax in a comfortable indoor setting while taking in the outside action.

Montecristo Cigar Bar
Caesars Palace
3570 South Las Vegas Blvd. | | (866) 227-5938

The brand new Montecristo Cigar Bar located inside Caesars Palace is a 4,000-square-foot space equipped with bar-top gambling, a large walk-in humidor and a 100-seat lounge, ideal for large parties. (A cordoned off 10-seat room is also available for private dining, but advance reservation is required.) Enjoy a prix fixe menu of cigar and spirits pairings or create your own from a selection of cigars like Montecristo, H. Upmann, My Father, Padrón and more. Montecristo's spirits menu features rare selections like Pappy Van Winkle Bourbon, Buffalo Trace's Thomas H. Handy Sazerac straight rye whiskey, and Rémy Martin Louis XIII Cognac.

Casa Fuente
The Forum Shops at Caesars
3500 South Las Vegas Blvd. | | (702) 731-5051

One of the most famous cigarmakers in the world is also the proprietor of one of the finest cigar bars in Las Vegas. Casa Fuente caters to Fuente fanatics with its red-and-gold Fuente Fuente OpusX ambiance and large walk-in humidor filled with the entire line of Arturo Fuente cigars, including the coveted Casa Fuente house blend and many varieties of Fuente Fuente OpusX cigars. Outside cigars are welcome, as long as patrons order from the bar. The spirits list is highlighted by the exclusive Jack Daniel's Casa Fuente Single Barrel Whiskey and the cocktail menu, an offering of Caribbean-style drinks.

Downtown Vegas

Chicago Brewing Company
Four Queens Hotel & Casino
202 Fremont St. | | (702) 254-3333

A place to grab a bite and a beer while watching the game is never hard to find. But a sports bar where you can smoke a cigar while you eat and drink? That's a sight to see even in Vegas. Chicago Brewing Company, located inside the Four Queens Hotel & Casino, specializes in serving its own micro-brews with a selection ranging from the All Nighter light ale to the Sun Down dark stout. The menu offers a wide selection of bar fare, including wings, sliders and its own Chicago-style sandwiches and hotdogs. Chicago Brewing Company also offers a selection of premium cigars.

Atomic Liquors
917 Fremont St. | | (702) 982-3000

Atomic made a name for itself as the working-class bar where Sinatra and the rest of the Rat Pack would drop in for a quiet drink after a performance on the Strip. At one point, it was also the place where you could stand on the roof and watch nuclear bombs being tested out in the desert. Today it's just a great place to enjoy a libation alongside a fine cigar. Atomic has close to 40 craft beers on tap and a large list of signature cocktails that pay homage to pop culture's past, like the Bonnie & Clyde, Hunter S. Mash and Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Tarts Club. Cigars can be enjoyed inside the bar or out on the patio.

Parlour Bar & Lounge
El Cortez Hotel & Casino
600 E. Fremont St. | | (702) 385-5200

El Cortez claims to be the longest continuously running hotel and casino in Las Vegas—and from the looks of it, it certainly seems that way. Everything from its signature neon sign (informing passersby that gambling is indeed available) right down to the quaint Parlour Bar feels like a throwback to the early-1940s when the establishment first opened. Leather chairs, red carpet and drapes, and a cocktail list noted for its twelve specialty martinis makes Parlour Bar yet another staple of the Downtown Vegas bar scene.

Benny's Bullpen Sports Bar and Cigar Lounge
Binion's Gambling Hall & Hotel
128 E Fremont St. | | (702) 382-1600

Binion's is a staple of Downtown Vegas. It's motto, "Good Food. Good Whiskey. Good Gamble," epitomizes the no-frills indulgences that the area was known for before its revitalization. Although downtown has seen its ups-and-downs since legendary Texas gambler Benny Binion opened the place in 1951, that old-school charm remains. Benny's Bullpen Sports Bar and Cigar Lounge, located inside the gambling hall, is a testament to the old days of the Glitter Gulch. Fine cocktails, good beer and a selection of cigars—all you need for a night out on Fremont.

Rocco's Imported Tobacco
The Plaza Hotel & Casino
1 Main St. | | (702) 450-3826

The Plaza Hotel & Casino is home to Oscar's Beef, Booze and Broads, one of the most iconic restaurants in the downtown area. And what compliments Oscar's three offerings better than a post-meal cigar? That's where Rocco comes in. A short walk from Oscar's, Rocco's Imported Tobacco offers a selection of premium cigars and a quaint seating area nearby. If you're looking for a nightcap while enjoying your after-dinner cigar, flag down a casino waitress who will fetch you a drink from the bar at Oscar's.

Mojitos and Cigars in Vegas - Recipes

Love this Cranberry Mojito cocktail recipe. Holidays at Wynn Resort Las Vegas are celebrated with shimmering displays of lights and holiday themed cuisine, as well as festive inspired libations from the Wynn’s master mixologist, Patricia Richards. The green mint and red cranberries are a color themed bonus for those who love their mojitos.

Pick your night. Whether you prefer exclusive wines, such as Dom Perignon and Lafite Rothschild by the ounce, or want to sample new cocktail concoctions every evening during the hotel’s Twelve Cocktails of Christmas, there will be something for everyone.

Guests and visitors can take home the original recipes for every specialty cocktail served during this exciting Twelve Cocktails of Christmas celebration between December 10 and 22. Enjoy!



1 1/2 ounces frozen and thawed cranberries

1 1/4 ounces fresh lime juice

2 ounces Finlandea Cranberry Vodka

1 1/2 ounce Rock Candy syrup or Simple Syrup (1:1 sugar : water)

1 ounce white Cranberry juice


In a bar mixing glass, muddle mint with lime juice.

Add remaining ingredients, except club soda.

Pour into a Collins glass.

Top with soda. Gently stir.

Now it’s time to enjoy the holidays!

Even if you don’t travel to Wynn over the holidays, why not try this cocktail for your next holiday or family celebration this month.

Mojito recipe

I don't. A man could get killed around here making or ordering one.

Cabaiguan juan

Is 40 too early for Centrum Silver?

I don't. A man could get killed around here making or ordering one.

Well-Known Member

I do mint from the garden, maybe 6-8 leaves.
I'll hit them with a wooden spoon in the bottom of a highball glass.
Then I squeeze half a lime over the mint.
Next is a shot of rum. I use 10 Cane.
Then a shot of simple syrup. This is purely by taste. Adjust as needed.
Next I will throw in several ice cubes and top it all off with club soda.

To me, the key is not destroying the mint. You want to bruise it to release the oils, but don't pulverize it or you'll have green teeth.

Devil Doc

When Death smiles, Corpsmen smile back

Not A Nice Person

Ignore him. Mojito's a fine drink for summer. Two things: it's all in the muddling. Fresh mint, raw sugar, wooden pestle. Glass that won't shatter in your hand. That's important!

Some people like to use a simple syrup, or even an agave syrup instead of sugar, but I find that a nice granular raw or turbinado sugar really grinds the mint up and gives your drink more flavor. Squeeze a couple fresh lime wedges into it, add a shot or two . . . or however many . . .

Most people use white rum, but Flor de Cana Gold is tastier. I've even used quite good rums, aged ones, but that's a bit of a waste. A tasty waste, but a waste.

Top off with club soda, never Sprite or 7-Up.

Cabaiguan juan

Is 40 too early for Centrum Silver?

Devil Doc

When Death smiles, Corpsmen smile back

I stir, I shake, hell sometimes I even use the blender, but I never muddle.

Summer Drink Recipes - Espresso Mojito - A Sure Compliment To Your Cigar!

Welcome the summer with a nice refreshing drink that will surely give a shock to your taste buds! Yes, if you are a coffee person who is daring enough to have your caffeine by the pool, then here is your chance.

If you are like me, you never miss a chance to have an espressos and Mojito being your cocktail of choice, well then it is about time to marry those two together! Yes, an Espresso Mojito! As weird as it may sound, you will be surprised with the outcome. I am in love with it right now and I cannot wait to order one in a bar just to see the look & reaction on a bartenders face!

Lets go through the Ingredients:

  • 1 halved Lime
  • 1 tablespoon Brown Sugar (or Muscavado)
  • Few Mint leaves (keep one stem for decoration)
  • 40ml freshly squeezed Lemon Juice
  • 40ml Club Soda
  • 40ml Nespresso Volluto or Arpeggio
  • 30ml Havana Club 3 anos (optional)
  • plenty of crushed Ice

In a tall glass, muddle together with a wooden spoon (I actually used a lemon juicer) the Brown Sugar, Limes and mint leaves.I don't like my Mojito too sweet, that is why I only use one tablespoon. Feel free to alter the recipe to suit your taste. Fill the glass half way with crushed Ice and add the Lemon Juice then shake or stir to chill the mixture.

Pour the mixture in a clean cocktail glass and fill the remainder with more crushed Ice leaving just a few space at the top and add the club soda. Brew the Volluto or Arpeggio in an espresso cup (This is the sexiest part of the cocktail) then slowly and gently start pouring the espresso on top of the crushed ice and watch them marry. Such a beautiful sight!

The reason I choose Nespresso's Volluto or Arpeggio is that they are both fruity in characters but thier intensity are different. If you want a stronger nuttier taste then go with Arpeggio, otherwise the Volluto will offer you a subtle light roast.

My two favorite drink while smoking are now in one! It is refreshing and can go well with most medium to full bodied cigars. Try it out and let me know what you think. I actually enjoyed mine with a COHIBA 1966. Perfect!

Watch the video: Build Your Own Cocktail - Strawberry Basil Mojito (July 2022).


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