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Padre Pio cake

Padre Pio cake

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1st day (Sunday)

Put in a bowl (not plastic, I recommend, so glass, wood or steel) put 1 glass of flour and 1 glass of sugar in the bowl without mixing.
(If someone gave you the mixture, pour it into the bowl before adding sugar and flour ... I didn't have it and so I started from scratch).
Cover the bowl with a clean tea towel and set aside (not in the fridge, at room temperature).

2nd day (monday)

Take the bowl back, mix the powders with a spoon (no plastic, remember, so I opted for wood), cover the bowl again with the tea towel and set aside again at room temperature.

3rd and 4th day (Tuesday and Wednesday)

You do not have to do anything, always leave the bowl at room temperature well covered under its cloth.

5th day (Thursday)

Add 1 glass of flour, 1 glass of sugar and 1 glass of water to the bowl, but do not mix.
Cover again with a cloth and set aside (always out of the fridge).

6th day (Friday)

Stir with a wooden spoon, then cover and leave at room temperature.

7th, 8th and 9th day (Saturday, Sunday and Monday)

Again you don't have to do anything, leave the covered bowl at room temperature without touching the dough.

10th day (Tuesday)

Stir with a wooden spoon, then remove 3 glasses of mixture that you can give to whoever you want.
Add all the remaining ingredients to the remaining dough: 2 glasses of flour, 1 glass of sugar, 1 glass of seed oil, chopped walnuts, chopped chocolate, raisins previously held for 10 minutes in hot water and then gently squeezed, eggs, cinnamon and yeast.
Although I followed everything to the letter, my final compound was too thick, so I added a little bit of additional water to make it more fluid and just the right consistency.

Pour the mixture into a baking tray lined with parchment paper, express the 3 wishes and cook for about 40 minutes at 180 ° C in a pre-heated ventilated oven (if you wish, you can ask the saint a prayer during cooking).

Padre Pio's cake is ready, you just have to let it cool before cutting it and finally have the pleasure of tasting it!

Recipes collection

There Padre Pio cake it is a dessert whose preparation is very simple despite taking 10 days. This cake testifies the faith to the Saint and is to be shared with three other people. Once the dough has been received in a glass, it should not be rejected or thrown away.

The main rules for the preparation of this dessert:

- start dessert on Monday
- do not use the electric mixer
- do not store in the fridge
- do not use plastic containers
-prepare the dessert without the help of other people


Pour the contents of the glass into a non-plastic container.
Add a glass of sugar and a glass of flour without mixing.
Leave the dough to rest until Friday.

Add a glass of milk, one of flour and one of sugar to the mixture.
Leave to rest until Saturday.

Mix everything and let the dough rest until Wednesday.

Remove 3 glasses from the dough and give them to three different people by the following Monday.
To the remaining dough (which will be very little) add 3 glasses of flour, one of seed oil, one of sugar, one of milk, 100g of raisins, chocolate or nuts, 2 eggs and a bag of angels' bread. (In this version, the 100g of raisins, chocolate or nuts were not added).

Mix well with a spoon, place the dough in a round pan (diameter 26 cm), bake in a preheated oven at 180 & # 176C for about 30 minutes and make 3 wishes.

Naturally leavened apple pie with milk liquors

2 golden apples
lemon juice
half a teaspoon of ground cinnamon
125 g of brown sugar demerara
grated rind of 1 untreated lemon
2 eggs
160 g of Herman (gifted or self-produced)
50 g of milk
50 g of delicate extra virgin olive oil
200 g of flour 00
50 g of walnuts
50 g of raisins

Soak the raisins in lukewarm water to soak them, then drain, squeeze them, dab them with kitchen paper, flour them, shake off the excess flour and leave it aside.
While the raisins come to life, wash and peel the apples, cut them into 8 wedges, cut each wedge into not too thin slices, sprinkle with cinnamon and lemon juice and set aside.
In a large bowl, mix the sugar and lemon peel, rubbing well with your fingertips, until the sugar is soaked in the essential oil contained in the peel.
Add the eggs and whip them with an electric whisk until the mixture is light and fluffy.
United Herman and, always whisking, the oil and the milk.
Add the sifted flour, a little at a time, and mix it well with the mixture.
Finally add the walnuts, raisins and apples and mix everything well.
Pour the mixture into the greased mold or covered with baking paper, cover it with cling film and let it rise. In theory it should rise to double in volume, but the weight of the apples, walnuts and raisins prevents it. Knowing the "work" times of Herman, I let the dough rise 6 and a half hours (with a house temperature of 20-21 degrees 4 hours when there were about 25 all night in winter, when the temperature in the kitchen drops to around 16-17 degrees) .
Bake the cake in a preheated static oven at 180 & # 176 for 30 minutes. Do the toothpick test: if the cake is cooked but the surface is still light (which is probable if you make it low like mine) raise the oven grill by one level and continue cooking for about 5 minutes or so, or in any case until until the cake is colored on the surface. Do not prolong cooking, or the cake will dry out too much.
Remove from the oven, let it cool for 5 minutes, remove the cake from the mold and let it cool completely on a wire rack.
Indeed, no: eat it still hot and rejoice!

The first is to wait for someone to show up at your home with a shot of sticky blob and a sheet of paper containing the instructions and recipe.
The second is to create it as I did.
In theory, by mixing flour, milk and sugar it should be possible to start a fermentation as with common natural yeast.
I preferred to use a starter, that is a concentrate of bacteria that is already beautiful and ready to work for me.

Ingredients to create natural milk yeast:
1 teaspoon of licoli (liquid sourdough)
1 teaspoon of plain plain yogurt (freshly fermented if you make it at home, with the earliest possible expiration date if you buy it)
1 teaspoon of Manitoba flour (the same flour I use to refresh my licoli)
1 teaspoon of milk
1 teaspoon of sugar
The unit of measurement in the case of Herman it is not the weight but the volume. If you have them, use American measuring cups, or any small measuring cup.

How to proceed:
Thoroughly mix all the ingredients in a glass jar, without forming lumps. You will get a rather fluid mixture.
Leave the jar uncovered, or covered with a light cloth, at room temperature in a sheltered place.
After 4 hours add:
1 teaspoon of Manitoba flour
1 teaspoon of milk
1 teaspoon of sugar
and mix vigorously.
Repeat after another 4 hours (but it is not essential to respect the 4 hours to the letter, it can also be 3 or 5).
After about 12 hours from the start of the process you should start to see one or two bubbles on the surface of the mixture, a sign that fermentation has started.
Always keeping the jar uncovered or covered with a light cloth at room temperature, continue adding flour, milk and sugar every now and then in equal volume. You decide how often to feed your yeast, bearing in mind that over time the bacteria will increase and it will take less and less time to metabolize the nourishment you give it, if you always dose it in the same quantity.
After 24 hours from the start of the process you will see the yeast begin to swell and increase in volume (get yourself a container of adequate size, because I have seen it triple!).
Once the more "pushed" fermentation phase is over, the yeast will collapse starting from the center of the surface, then deflate and retreat into a sea of ​​foam, begging you to feed it. but it will still continue to ferment, albeit in a not so conspicuous way.
At this point you will have a strong enough yeast to start working seriously.
To use it, feed it and wait for it to swell to at least double in volume. If the yeast were to go further and deflate. well, it has happened to me several times, but I have used it anyway and it has always done its duty! or)

How to store milk licoli:
The instructions of Herman they clearly say not to put the yeast in the fridge. In reality, in the fridge, and in the freezer, it can also stay there, as long as it is for a short time: a few days in the fridge (if you had to leave the house and it was impossible to feed it), a little longer in the freezer. but don't leave it with us for ten months, or you will have a hard time getting it back into business.
The ideal is to keep it at room temperature, covered with a light cloth, in a clean and sheltered place, feeding it when the fermentation slows down (remember the proportion: equal volume of Manitoba flour, milk and sugar) and mixing it vigorously with a whisk one or more. twice daily.
Keep in mind that fermentation is faster when temperatures rise. This implies that yeast needs to be fed more often, and you may soon find yourself with a quantity of yeast that greatly exceeds your need.
For this reason, I actually prefer not to keep it at all, producing it only when I plan to use it and only in the quantity required by the recipe I want to make.

Not all of the features unique to Herman they are evident if you use it for a recipe like this. The very weight of the dough, with all the apples, walnuts and raisins (I certainly didn't go lightly!), Prevents it from swelling, if not during cooking.
On tasting, however, you immediately feel that there is something different.
Despite the presence of natural yeast and yogurt as a starter, not the slightest acidity is detected in the flavor of the final product. On the contrary, the yeast gives the cake a particular and pleasant taste. The yeast itself has no sour smell or taste.
I love this apple pie, really.
But once I was reunited with my beloved yeast, I couldn't stop atHerman cake.
Can you wait until the next episode of the Herman saga? : D

Herman, since you are a traveler, how about going around cooking blogs a bit, switching from one computer to another? or)

This recipe participates in the November 2014 collection of Panissimo, a monthly collection created by Sandra and Barbara and this month hosted by Sandra of "Io sono Sandra".

Padre Pio's Cake - Recipes

However, it would be interesting to understand how this dough is started. You know it? Hello Ester

Hi Ester, it's true! It would be curious to learn how to start it from scratch. I think you have to start with a base of sugar and flour to start the yeast. If you type on Google "start Padre Pio cake" I have seen that several solutions appear. I don't know exactly how to do it because I've always had the glass ready. Maybe once I try starting from scratch and update the post! After the summer though, because now I feel bad at the thought of turning on the oven)

I started with a glass of sugar and flour and it turned out very good

Very good! Sooner or later I try :)

the name of this dessert can be misleading, yet it is a real divination practice that has nothing to do with prayer and devotion to the saint of Pietrelcina. It is superstition and should not be underestimated.

I am speaking to you from Cattolica, with the intention of warning you, but I know well that many will not believe. The Lord warns us of all these divination practices, which are nothing but supertitions. They are not nonsense, as even exorcists teach us.

For some it will seem like something from "big", but please be careful.

Remember that often, as happens with diseases of the body, it is precisely from that "little" that one neglects that great evils emerge.

Moreover, and I say this for the devotees of the Saint, in this infamous way the name of Saint Pio and his whole figure are outraged. Padre Pio would have openly condemned this chain.

Stay away from this form of superstition and do not eat this dessert, do not cook it or offer it to others.

Hi Pamela,
I thank you for sharing your point of view, however I don't think there can be such serious implications in making a cake. I don't know how Padre Pio himself would have taken it if he had known about it but I believe he had more important issues to deal with.
How about we change her name?

I also believe that Padre Pio, knowing how he was and how he thought about so many things, would have a good laugh about this unimportant thing would instead condemn other far more serious things, for example INFAME (yes it is) turnover that has been created around San Giovanni Rotondo, take a look.

Padre Pio cake


hello Manu. I'm happy with
re-read you.
I know this cake. good!!
that everything goes well for you
a big kiss

Welcome back Manu, I hope everything is ok.
I know this cake too!
A big kiss

Thanks for your virtual glass of dough!
A period for me. that I really need!
a big kiss and happy Sunday!

Bye! we also have this cake, in different versions! we actually struggled a bit to get the first shot .. but we fell in love with it, it's always great!
kiss Kiss

I did not know this dessert but I would like to receive a shot.

Hi dear .. don't worry .. the important thing is that you come back here every now and then .. and let us know you're ok .. ok. I did not know this dessert. smack and happy monday .-)

I knew this cake. manu I'm happy that you are slowly taking your life back into your hands. I wish you all good and positive things. I'm waiting for you on my blog to collect an award. a kiss
Anna Maria

Hi dear, I invite you to my first contest.
Come and visit me on
Don't miss out and spread the word.

what a beautiful and very romantic recipe. :)

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We would be happy if you register it on so that we can index it.

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Ingredients: 3 glasses of sugar, 4 glasses of flour, 2 glasses of milk, 150 gr. raisins, 1 apple, 1/2 bag of ground cinnamon, 2 eggs, 1 bag of vanillin, 50 gr. butter or margarine, 1 bag of yeast.

Preparation: To prepare this recipe, it is essential to receive part of the dough from a friend. In the final phase of preparing the dessert, three parts of the dough will be set aside to continue the & quotchain of friendship & quot; 1 & deg day: add 1 glass of sugar 1 glass of flour 1 glass of milk to the mixture. Mix well, cover and leave to rest at room temperature. 2 & deg day: mix well and let it rest 3 & deg day: let it rest 4 & deg day: add 1 glass of sugar 1 glass of flour 1 glass of milk 5 & deg day: mix well and let it rest 6 & deg day: mix well and let it rest 7 & deg day: let it rest 8 & deg day: leave to rest 9 & deg day: leave to rest 10 & deg day: remove 3 glasses of dough for relatives and friends. To the remaining dough add: 150 gr. of raisins 1 apple half a bag of ground cinnamon 2 eggs 1 bag of vanillin 1 glass of sugar 50 gr. of butter or margarine 1 bag of yeast 2 glasses of flour Mix and bake at 180 ° C. NOTE: Beat the eggs well with the sugar before adding them to the dough

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Padre Pio cake

This is a particular cake that is handed down from person to person, in theory it should start on Monday and should always be made by the same person and should never be put in the fridge. To me the leaven was delivered late and I started the dessert on Thursday and it came very good all the same!

Monday: Pour the contents of the glass received into a non-plastic bowl and add a glass of flour and one of sugar without stirring and covered with cling film.

Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday: Leave to rest.

Friday: Add 1 glass of long-life milk (I have put the tap water), 1 glass of flour and 1 glass of sugar without stirring.

Sunday-Monday-Tuesday: leave to rest without stirring.

Wednesday: remove 3 glasses of dough obtained and deliver them by the following Monday to 3 loved ones with instructions.
There will remain about 1 glass of dough in the bowl to which three glasses of flour, a glass of oil, a glass of milk, a glass of sugar, two eggs, the yeast and the chosen seasoning must be added (I put the chocolate that I was still advancing from the Easter egg).
You have to mix everything up and make three wishes. Bake in a preheated oven at 160 ° for 40 minutes.
The dough should never be thrown or rejected.

To tell the truth I have not expressed the wishes because I do not believe in these things and I have not given the glasses, I have put two in freezzer to make other desserts in the future and the third I have used.


I hate chain letters! I hated paper and I hate telematics. But I got involved in this one. at least she is greedy! Yum!

It's called PADRE PIO's cake, it's a cake that is made a little at a time: it takes 10 days to make it!
I enjoyed making it and I have to thank the friend who gave me the dough for this!
1. Do not use the blender
2. NEVER put the mixture in the refrigerator

For the recipe:
You need a glass / ceramic bowl to put the ingredients, a wooden ladle to turn everything, a normal plastic cup and. 10 days before enjoying it.
1 & # 176 day: pour the contents of the glass into a bowl and add 1 glass of flour and 1 glass of sugar without stirring, then cover the bowl (I used a clean cloth).
2 & # 176 day: mix the dough and cover with aluminum foil.
3 & # 176 day: let the dough rest without mixing.
4 & # 176 day: let the dough rest without mixing.
5 & ​​# 176 day: add 1 glass of milk, 1 of flour and 1 of sugar without stirring, then cover again.
6 & # 176 day: mix the dough.
7 & # 176 day: let the dough rest without mixing.
8 & # 176 day: let the dough rest without mixing.
9 & # 176 day: let the dough rest without mixing.
10 & # 176 day: remove 3 glasses of the dough and give it to 3 people.
Add to the remaining dough: 3 glasses of flour, one of seed oil, one of milk, a dozen walnuts, a small apple, a little soaked raisins (I didn't put it), 2 eggs, one sachet of baking powder and one of vanillin and a pinch of salt. Put the dough in a greased and floured cake pan and bake at 180 & # 176 for 40 minutes.


I'll answer you here: on the blog somewhere (the holy man takes care of it) there is my email address, which I leave you anyway: [email protected]
I discovered among other things that we have friends in common (I did the Cattolica). Therefore, write to me that we agree !!

hello cristina, obviously after you answered me here I found your email on the blog. I admit that technology is not my forte!
I'm writing to you tonight!

Padre Pio's Cake - Recipes

Here I am finally back with you. You cannot imagine how these days of mine have been: tomorrow we start the grest in the oratory ... and how to say ... I had to solve a lot of issues. I touched the door of the house just to put food in my mouth and take a shower ..
Today then ... despite the fabulous weather! In the sense that from today my life turns the page, we change register =)

  1. Do not use the blender
  2. It always starts on Sunday
  3. Never put the mixture in the refrigerator
  • Sunday_Pour the mixture that was given to you into a large bowl.Add a glass of sugar and one of flour.Do not mix, cover with aluminum foil.
  • Monday_Mix everything and cover with aluminum foil.
  • Tuesday_Do not touch
  • Wednesday_Do not touch
  • Thursday_Add a glass of sugar, one of flour and one of milk.Do not mix, cover with aluminum foil.
  • Friday_Mix everything and cover with aluminum foil.
  • Saturday_Do not touch
  • Sunday_Do not touch
  • Monday_Do not touch
  • Tuesday_Remove 3 glasses for the families to whom you want to donate the cake. Add 2 glasses of flour, 1 of sugar, 1 of seed oil, 2 eggs, 100g chopped walnuts, 1 liveito sachet, vanillin, a chopped apple, a pinch of salt.Put the dough into a pan and bake at 180 & # 176 for about 40 minutes.

So it looks like a simple donut .. but you should taste it ..


but it's fantastic !!
I really like the idea !!
good start of the week.

It's something I've never heard of, and it's very fascinating. Thanks for introducing me to something new!

You know ke anke I made this chain years ago, the dessert was really good. I don't know if the recipe is the same .. I have to find it because I don't have it at hand, but I'll let you know ok ?? Kisses Silvia

but what a super original idea: -O never heard of a kitchen chain: D
it looks very good. have a good week!

the cake is beautiful. in my opinion this recipe is based on the old use of using natural yeast to make cakes. I had it as a child, but I don't remember anything I know I gave everything to my mother! Good summer oratory and good change of page. it will be wonderful! a big kiss

but what a particular thing. and if I don't find anyone who gives me the dough, can I start?

What a force the preparation of this cake. but 10 days. how much patience it takes! Kisses

but what a genius Silvietta !! and then it came very high to you.
complimentissimi and try not to get too tired. : - *

hello I have never heard of this cake I would like to make it but how do I do it for the dough if I might have the recipe to start let me know hello grazieeee

But it is very difficult! Darling you had a unique patience. Bravissimissim!

and the glass I had given came back to me: D
Mmh .. for those of you who would like to do it I don't know what to say, simply because I don't know what the base dough is .. in theory it should be the ingredients that you have to add gradually but I don't know in what quantities and for how long!
What can I say .. search among your knowledge .. maybe someone has the 3bicchierini at home not knowing who to give it to! )

thanks s i see s and someone on cookaforum to the recipe maybe the postero ciaoo grazieeee

Hi, my name is Francesca, I live in Udine and just two weeks ago they brought me a half-full glass of dough for Padre Pio's cake.

I like these coincidences. )

I've been looking for someone to give me a jar for a long time.

a big kiss and happy Sunday!

Hi Silvietta!
I also get a shot of this cake from time to time. really too good and fluffy!
A bacioooneeee
Needle :-D

Sorry but where can I find the base dough for this cake, that is, the glass of a dough made by someone else?

Hello everyone! Sorry but have you ever seen the compounds rise inside the 3 glasses given as a gift. even get out of the tin foil lid. in short, it is only flour, sugar and milk. Is this normal or is it a sign?

Spizzichi & amp Bocconi

It is a really curious cake, simple but tasty. I had the `` luck '' of receiving the shot as a gift last summer and with the heat that was there, waiting for Sunday to start, I saw it swell more every hour until I had to put it in a bowl because the batter had started to squirt outside! It was truly an adventure. I always have some in the freezer, I almost do it again. A big kiss

Thanks to you, if I ever receive the so dear shot, I would know how to use it!

compliments!! really special !! bye!

Years ago I received the famous small glass and I made the cake (very good) I started distributing small glasses leaving a small supply in the freezer but one day the freezer broke and. goodbye shot glasses. I haven't made Padre Pio cake anymore!

Ps: Thanks for stopping by
Hello and good evening!

Children, the cake is very good, but I really don't think Padre Pio believed in giving the glass to others, for luck. Poor Padre Pio! I am with you, but I hate chains, because if someone like me, who has no close people, how can she not be unlucky? Luckily I have Jesus on my side. Good night deny

The cake must be very good but I don't believe in chains. A Clementine kiss

I ate this cake years ago and I have to admit that it tastes good. I am perplexed by the fact that he stays out of the fridge for so many days.

I remember this cake. she had come around the house when I was little. and she liked it so much. so he had made sure that there was always a small glass in the house as well. but then over time she forgot :)

uhhhh I've tried it so many times! beautiful! you will not believe it but it is the only cake that comes to my mom the others burn all do not rise this one instead. Padre Pio's miracle works :-) hello Ely

I had never heard this story about shot glasses etc. is very curious !! Without a doubt the result is excellent !! Kiss

I heard about it, but I never got the shot! if it ever happens to me, I already have all the instructions at hand :))

I also heard about this cake a few years ago !!
She came really nice)

In fact, the history of this dessert is curious as well as the preparation! I think getting the glass to start it has to be nice! I haven't even tasted it, but who knows!

I don't like "chains" but I really like this cake. really full of scents and flavor. Tasty. Brave! Have a good week. Deborah

Hello congratulations for the courage shown in making this dessert. in fact, I knew that it took ten days and a lot of patience to make it happen. but on the other hand it turned out very well, good girls. a big kiss

it's really beautiful, congratulations

Well done! The cake must be very good!

20 years ago the same dough I do not remember in the name of who was made but it was the same procedure.
Beyond all the beauty was giving to others.

If I had the chance I would do it again because the cooked cake was really good.
Well done! :OR)

I had never heard this before! :) Congratulations on your patience :)

heheh .. I really hope they never give me a piece of this cake, not because it's not good .. but 10 days wow. rather I come to eat it at your home..w laziness: pp
it seems to me a bit like mother yeast, this care to be devoted frequently to the dough, the passage, the fermentation, has a poetic feel :)

but isn't there the possibility of doing it in less time?

This I know, we call it: sweet German of friendship (country you are going.) Unfortunately for moving and commitments I have & quot passed & quot to a friend the task of continuing.

Very interesting the procedure m & lta certainly very good hello Luisa

I did not know this cake.
Congratulations girls ..

What a curious idea. really original. It is funny.

I had heard of it. but nobody ever gave me a glass. e sì che io apprezzo più di ogni altra cosa i dolci semplici e rustici.

Non ne ho mai sentito parlare. Però è curioso il procedimento. deve essere buonissimo! smack.

Ci siete riuscite!Siete fantastiche,proprio vero quello che si dice "volere è potere"!Ha un ottimo aspetto dev'essere buonissimo!
Un abbraccio

Una volta me l'avevan proposto ma non avendo granchè tempo e stando con mia mamma che aborriva ste cose . non ho preso il famoso "pezzo". chissà se mai mi tornerà. cmq intanto gusto con gli occhi il vostro!

vi è venuta benissimo.

Brave ragazze, chissà se qualcuno mi darà il bicchierino.

Mi chiamo Elena e sul mio blog di cucina sto raccogliendo delle ricette, insieme agli altri food blogger, per creare una raccolta. :)

Si tratta di ricette "a colori" che verrebbero poi raccolte (citando ovviamente le fonti) in un ebook scaricabile da tutti gli amanti della buona cucina.

Se ti può interessare, questo è il link dove ci sono tutti i dettagli. :)

Spero di aver destato la tua curiosità. :P

ne ho sentito parlare! mi piacerebbe provarlo!! un bacione.

anche io la provai tempo fa. ma qui non riscosse gran successo..
La tua mi sembra divina.

novità assoluta, non ne ho mai sentito parlare,le catene mi danno un senso di inquietudine. la torta sicuramente no!
ciao Reby

Care gemelline, lo sapete che questa torta mi ha sempre incuriosito? Ne ho sentito tanto parlare e voi siete state bravissime a proporla!
Un bacione e complimenti per il risultato!

E' la prima volta che ne sento parlare. e per quanto ho da fare. se mi passate un bicchierino . ve lo tiro dietro! -)
10 giorni di lavorazione. Nooooooo.
Baci baci sorelline!

I love readding, and thanks for your artical. ........................................

conosco questo dolce. anni fa anche io ho ricevuto in dono questo bicchiere ma è stato difficilissimo piazzare i tre bicchieri. nessuno lo voleva:-) si la torta ricordo che era buona. voi siete riuscite a piazzare i vostri 3 bicchieri? un bacio:-)

uh! mamma 10 giorni! E' lunghissima questa preparazione ma vi è venuta benissimo, mi piacciono le variazioni che avete fatto per alleggerire il dolce.
Un bacione

Complimenti per il dolce, ma sopratutto per la pazienza. Non credo che potrei mai attendere 10 giorni!

Lo avevo già visto, ma non l'ho mai mangiato!!
E'bellissimo, io non saprei propio a chi chiedere il bicchierino!!

complimenti per il vostro blog e le vostre ricette da oggi vi seguo anche io bravissime. auguroni di una serena pasqua.

Qualche anno fa mia cognata mi regala bicchiere e ricetta dicendomi: "Te li do col cuore, ma la torta la devi fare. Credi in Padre Pio, vero?". "Sì che ci credo", rispondo io senza nemmeno pensarci, e metto il tutto nella mia borsa. Era domenica, il giorno dopo avevo la visita dal ginecologo per un brutto fibroma che ormai doveva essere operato, con asportazione dell'utero. Faccio la visita e. il fibroma non c'era più! La torta non l'ho più fatta, ma in compenso sono andata a San Giovanni Rotondo :-)

Io ho ricevuto il bicchiere con l'impasto, donatomi da una mia cara vicina di casa. L'ho fatto,seguendo il procedimento, un dolce buono per la prima colazione o la merenda. Ma ho penato per consegnare i tre bicchieri, Nessuno lo voleva, a nessuno piaceva partecipare alla "catena".
Salutoni Anna

per favore. io sono atea e la torta mi è venuta buonissima. padre pio non c'entra niente, infatti a me l'hanno data come torta dell'amicizia. ora il concetto carino è proprio quella del dono e non della catena. a me sembrava carino che un'amica avesse pensato a me e io l'ho dato a mia mamma e alle due mie più care amiche: ci siamo divertite tanto, con battute e telefonate, e poi la torta era buonissima, sopratutto considerando che viviamo nell'era delle merendine confezionate! mi dispiace ad esempio x anna, che non ha trovato amiche disposte a condividere con lei qualcosa di reale ( ma magari stanno ore su fb!). se potessi ti manderei l'impasto via web! ciao paola

Non credo che Padre Pio abbia avuto in mente di pensare alle "catene". Ma si può sapere perché credete a queste assurde usanze. Bisognerebbe imparare a pregare un po di più.. Che forse ce ne veramente bisogno. CMFྊ

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