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Paradise Cup

Paradise Cup

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An easy and simple dessert that will remind us of the taste of childhood.

  • 200 gr berries
  • 2 kiwis
  • 500 ml of milk
  • 5 tablespoons gray
  • 5 tablespoons sugar
  • 2 yolks
  • 2 sachets of vanilla sugar
  • grated chocolate for decoration

Servings: 4

Preparation time: less than 30 minutes


Arrange the fruits in cups or glasses.

For semolina cream
put 400 ml of milk to boil. When the milk boils, add the semolina mixed with 100 ml of milk. Let it simmer. Meanwhile, mix the yolks with the sugar and vanilla and add it over the semolina. Let it simmer for another 5 minutes, then pour the cream over the fruit.

Decorate with grated chocolate.

"Paradise" banana cake without baking (gluten free)

This incredible cake confirms the veracity of the expression & quotrai for the taste buds & quot. This one uncooked banana cake it is perfect for those who do not like to bake sweets and for those who prefer quick, healthy and tasty desserts. This one healthy cake does not contain flour or sugarinstead I used almonds and oats and it is naturally sweetened with bananas and dates.

The healthy countertop consists of bananas, almonds, dates (or raisins) and oats, and the resulting cake is full of fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals, does not contain unnecessary sugars, so the combination of delicious ingredients is perfect for a diet snack :)

Peanut butter is in the top of the preferences in terms of natural sweeteners and has a delicious and creamy taste. In combination with quark cheese and dates, it creates a unique and fine cake icing and is full of nutrients, and all these things led me to name this dessert: "Paradise" banana cake without baking.

If you like the fine and refreshing texture of quark cheese, if you appreciate the delicious taste of peanut butter, crispy almonds, bananas, sweet dates, gluten-free oats, preferably a combination of all these ingredients, then you should give it a try. uncooked banana cakes. I recommend that healthy dessert which can be eaten for example after physical training, but also as a sweet and nutritionally balanced breakfast or as an afternoon snack.


Greenhouse cover (polycarbonate, film or glass), pipes, shelves - all this must be washed. What the? For example, a solution of copper sulfate (100 g / 10 l water). But, since copper sulfate can accumulate in the soil, for many years I have been using a microbial preparation, sprinkling them abundantly with walls, support structures and polycarbonate.

You can use such means only until the temperature has dropped below 15 °, because the microorganisms do not work in the cold.

After the greenhouse dries, cover all parts of the wood with a solution of copper sulfate (700 g / 10 l water) - this gives them resistance to degradation. In the second greenhouse, galvanized, I carefully inspect the structure, wash the scratches found on the metal with 9% vinegar, clean with sandpaper, degrease, primer and paint.

CUPE calls for immediate action to improve working conditions for LPNs

In a virtual news conference Monday, CUPE called on the New Brunswick government to & quotproperly recognize & quot work done by the province & # x27s licensed practical nurses.

The group wants better wages and working conditions.

& quotThe health care system relies heavily on the work of LPNs for hospital and extra-mural care. Despite this, the N.B. government still refuses to recognize the importance and scope of this profession in the health care system today, & quot said Norma Robinson, president of CUPE Local 1252, in a news release after the conference.

She said the province is & quoton the verge of a recruitment and retention crisis. & Quot

When asked about the comments during Monday & # x27s daily COVID-19 briefing, Health Minister Dorothy Shephard said & quotevery single province in the country & quot is in the same position.

& quotIt is no secret that in the health-care sector, we have a shortage of health-care professionals in almost every single category, & quot she said.

She said she understands the LPNs & # x27 & quotangst & quot at wanting to meet and she has no objections to doing so.

Shephard said she wants to & quothave all the information that I need before that kind of a meeting takes place. & Quot She said a meeting & quotwon & # x27t be in the too-far future. & Quot

On Monday, CUPE called on the government to immediately:

Complete a joint job evaluation process to help LPNs get paid for the full scope of the work they do.

Give LPNs the right to call themselves nurses (in New Brunswick, only registered nurses have that right).

Pay them the same as the other Atlantic provinces (LPNs in New Brunswick make $ 5 less per hour than their Nova Scotia counterparts, for example).

Scrap & quotimposed wage freezes and wage restriction mandates on all public sector workers. & Quot

The press release from CUPE says LPNs provide & quotmuch more than basic patient care. & Quot

& quotCUPE Local 1252 notes that the scope of practice of LPNs is 90 per cent that of a Registered Nurse in NB, however LPNs only make 64 per cent of an RN & # x27s hourly wage. & quot

Robinson said, & quot & quotRecently, LPNs have raised their concerns with media, on how there could be an exodus of workers if nothing is done, and I agree: if the government fails to act, the staffing situation will worsen. & Quot

LPNs have also talked publicly about their dissatisfaction with CUPE and have recently called on the government to meet to discuss allowing them to leave CUPE and join another union.

About 85 percent of the provinceâ & # x20AC; & # x2122; s roughly 2,000 hospital LPNs voted to leave, but earlier this month, the New Brunswick Labor and Employment Board rejected the application.

Marc Paradis, a Moncton LPN who helped lead the effort to leave CUPE, said the unionâ & # x20AC; & # x2122; s recent efforts donâ & # x20AC; & # x2122; t change his mind about wanting to leave.

In fact, it just reinforces his resolve. He said all of the things that CUPE is asking the government to do immediately are things the union has been asking for years.

& quotShe just made our point for us, & quot said Paradis.

He said CUPE hasnâ & # x20AC; & # x2122; t been able to rectify any of those issues.

& quotI consider that a failure of the union, & quot said Paradis.

The LPNs have asked government to meet to discuss a legislative amendment to classify them as their own stand-alone group.

Roughly half of the provinceâ & # x20AC; & # x2122; s LPNs work for health authorities in New Brunswick and are represented by CUPE Local 1252. The other half work mainly in long-term and special-care homes.

The largest private island in the Bahamas will be put up for auction. How much is the piece of paradise valued

White sandy beaches, surrounded by the blue ocean, vegetation species with medicinal properties and forested hills that stretch over almost 295 hectares. Little Ragged Island is the dream of any developer with financial possibilities and will be put up for auction on March 26, CNN notes.

Also known as St Andrews, Little Ragged Island is a 10-minute boat ride to Ragged Island, where there is a private airport.

Little Ragged is for sale through Concierge Auctions, a US real estate company that is bidding on properties to the largest bidder. The list of clients claimed by the company includes some famous names, such as Cher and Michael Jordan.

At what price does the auction for Little Ragged start? The auction starts at $ 100,000 and the island is listed at $ 19.5 million, but there is no minimum bid expected.

I have received a lot of interest in the auction so far, which was to be expected, because this is a unique opportunity.

Travel Laura Brady, co-founder and CEO of Concierge Auctions for CNN:

An isolated environment for snorkeling, sailing and fishing can be created on the isolated shore, thanks to the excellent shore. There is also enough space to build a boutique resort with a golf course.

For those who miss the chance to buy Little Ragged, Blue Estate Group recently revealed that the artificial island of Blue Estate, near the Bahamas, will be auctioned off, with prices starting at $ 19,800 and rising to over $ 1 billion. USD.

Several island brokers have reported a huge increase in demand for private islands following the COVID-19 pandemic. One of them said in October that he had the busiest two months in 20 years.

Natural treatments for arteritis with edema and swollen feet

1 . In case of edema, with swollen, tired, heavy and cold feet, the following should be consumed:

  • blueberry leaf tea (Vaccinium myrtillus), which protects the walls of the arteries
  • pedicure tea (Lycopodium), with the addition of 1 teaspoon Swedish Bitter
  • decoction of licorice roots (Glycyrrhiza glabra), with diuretic and anti-inflammatory action.
  • mixture, in equal parts, of horsetail (Eguisetum arvense) and the tail of the mouse (Achillea millefolium), of which 3 cups are drunk per day

2 . Following the cumulative effects of several medicinal species, mixtures in teas or tinctures containing horsetail, sulphine, birch, hawthorn, dandelion, goose foot, with vasodilating and blood-fluidizing effects are recommended.

3 . The amount of fluid needed by the body (1.5 - 2 liters per day) is supplemented with plain water, bran water or Chinese green tea.

Dana appetizer (egg salad with mushrooms)

I think this recipe was translated with google translation or another worse program because nothing is understood from the first sentence to the last! Did the author reread what he wrote before publishing ?!

If this is paradise cuisine, either I am the "Pentecostal priest" or even better I prefer the "devil's kitchen". I'm pretty sure she's much better. The author's poor family. Army food is a real paradise compared to this. Shame on you !

I see that in the end you added fish, but you don't say how much and what kind!


Tuna paste in vegetable cups

We really like tuna pasta with pickles and cream cheese and as we had some tomatoes and peppers in the fridge, we prepared for the weekend the tuna pasta recipe in vegetable cups.

These appetizer pastas with various ingredients are wonderful. They fit well on the appetizer tray at festive meals.

They can be served in various ways: on slices of toast, or crackers, on slices of vegetables, or in vegetable cups.

A very interesting serving variant is in various forms of mini tarts & # 8211 See HERE an example.

The tuna pasta recipe is old, it used to be prepared with butter and red onion.

But I replaced the butter with a cream cheese with greens. We don't get along very well with butter.

I didn't have red onions this time, but I used a white, spicy and tasty onion.

From the same category as Tuna paste recipe in vegetable cups you can also find on the blog:

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* You can also sign up for Recipes group of all kinds, where you will be able to upload your photos with dishes from the blog, we will be able to discuss menus, recipes and much more.

Equal pay

Graham said the association would like to see LPNs in New Brunswick be paid the same as their colleagues in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, but that the concerns go beyond salary.

She said the responsibility of LPNs has increased over the years along with the training requirements. What was once a one-year diploma was increased to 18 months in 2005, and to two years in 2012.

But even since 2012, many LPNs were not allowed to perform all of the tasks they had been trained to do. And even when the government was desperate for nurses and increased the scope of practice for LPNs, Graham said their pay did not increase.

What is the history of the cocktail?

Drink mixes have been consumed for thousands of years. The first cocktail dates, according to scientific discoveries, from 5,000 years ago, from Mesopotamia, and its ingredients were wine, beer, honey and apple juice. And the Romans were great lovers of appetizers based on wine mixed with various herbs.

The first profile publication, which contained recipes and mixtures of beverages, most of which were recommended as cures for various medical ailments, belonged to the distillery company of seventeenth-century London.

The term "cocktail" first appeared in 1803 in the American magazine "The Farmer's Cabinet", and 3 years later, in the Huston, New Yok publication, "The Balance and Columbian Repository", the first definition appears: "The cocktail is a hardening drink, composed of a spirit of any kind, with sugar, water and bitter."

With the introduction of the ban on alcoholic beverages, the cocktail experienced a decline in the United States, where, as of January 16, 1920, alcohol could no longer be marketed, produced or consumed in any form, but this moment marked the beginning of an era. of illegal alcohol business. Many of the cocktail recipes enjoyed today date from that period, when, due to the poor quality of fraudulently brought spirits, they could only be consumed mixed with other alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages, which led to the development and diversification of cocktails. . With the end of the ban, after 1933, cocktails regained and reaffirmed their position.

Until the 1970s, they were mainly made with gin, whiskey or rum and less with vodka. Since the 1970s, the popularity of vodka has grown considerably and became, until the 1980s, the basis for most beverage blends. Many cocktails that were traditionally made with gin, such as Gimlet or Martini, can now be served with vodka.

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